30 Years of Voice and Data Distribution

In November of 1983, two men, Barry Heidt and Dan Delavie met for lunch in Atlanta, GA. Both were facing mandatory location moves that neither viewed favorably. Barry was President of the Atlanta branch of a Michigan cable distributor. Dan was Eastern Regional Manager of a national manufacturer/private labeler of electronic wire and cable. When that lunch was over, the decision to create a new distributor in Atlanta had been cast. Through loans, second mortgages, and stock issues they were able to raise $150,000.00 in seed money.

In March of 1984, Accu-Tech Wire & Cable officially opened in a third generation, back row, 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse on the northeast side of Atlanta. Barry Heidt brought great skills in administration, systems, and general organization. Dan Delavie brought outside sales and strong industry contacts. There was an obvious lack of inside sales skills. Enter Randy Guhl whose enthusiasm and customer relation skills were unparalleled. The core was in place and Accu-Tech was off and running.

It was important that Accu-Tech differentiate itself from other wire and cable distributors. This was accomplished in two separate, but equally important ways.

First we absolutely believed it was critical to instill a feeling of trust and total credibility in and to ourselves, our employees, our vendors and our customers. We were asking a lot of each group and "keeping the faith" was required and had to be earned. The philosophy of "when in doubt, do what is right!" was injected into all employees.

Secondly, we saw that computers were becoming ubiquitous and required special knowledge. It was decided that voice and data held the future for Accu-Tech and we could flourish if we could be known as experts in voice and data connectivity. We felt we had a potential market niche and it was an achievable goal. Vendors loved the concept.

As we grew, it became apparent that we needed experts in three more areas. In 1989 Charles Goldgeier, CPA became our first CFO. In 1990, Bill Lorey joined us as our VP of Asset Management and Ed Ellis became VP of Network Products. All were now in place and Accu-Tech began to grow exponentially as the computer networking market exploded.

- Dan Delavie
President 1993-1999