For high-power, low-bandwidth applications like - IP Lighting, the key to success is a cabling infrastructure that can keep its cool.  That’s why Berk-Tek developed LANmark-IP, a PoE-optimized cable designed with 22AWG conductors and all-FEP insulation to protect your data even when you’re running high power through cables installed in the hottest plenum spaces.Berk-Tek Lanmark.jpg

LANmark-IP provides all the bandwidth you need to run your PoE lighting network, along with the efficiency provided with 22AWG conductors. A lot less heat is generated thereby protecting your data from the effects of heat rise.

In tests performed by TEK Center engineers, LANmark-IP experienced much less heat rise than traditional Category 5e cables while running high Power over Ethernet. The engineers tested bundles of 192 cables, all energized to 100W. As shown in the graph below, LANmark-IP experienced a temperature rise of only 19 degrees. This was 15 degrees cooler than the temperature rise of traditional Category 5e cables. LANmark-IP was 44% better at keeping its cool! read more


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