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Berk-Tek's Green Promise

by Julie Clark on October 29, 2014


Berk-Tek's Green Promise

Improving our Products by Pursuing Eco-conscious Innovation in Materials, Packaging and Processes

The second leg of the Berk-Tek Green Promise addresses the committment to discovering and developing new ways to manufacture, package and distribute our goods.

As a manufacturer, Berk-Tek is committed to balancing reduction of material usage in the cables and packaging with the need to ensure optimal installed performance. Berk-Tek also works to develop materials alternatives that enhance cable performance while also comsuming fewer natural resources and less energy.  
Miminizing Jacketing Materials
Berk-Tek employs cable design principles which minimize the usage of material in the cable. The optical fiber Micro Data Plenum (MDP) cables use much less material than competing ribbon cable designs while offering customers up to a 50% smaller cabling footprint in their crowded cabling infrastructure. Berk-Tek’s LANmark 6 cable meets CAT 6 requirements but requires no spacer or filler to separate the pairs. This not only results in reduced material usage, but a smaller cable that is easier to install and manage. Reduced diameter cabling solutions like these help to improve airflow in cable managers thus reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the data center. Berk-Tek’s cable design philosophy not only gives our customers what they need in terms of cable performance, this design philosophy also reduces the amount of energy and natural resources required to manufacture the cable. 

LANmark-6TekLokBoxImproving Packaging Designs
The latest redesign of Berk-Tek’s Tek Pak™ box not only strengthens the box and makes installations easier; it also reduces packaging waste by 20% versus previous Berk-Tek box designs.
Removing Harmful Compounds
All Berk-Tek LAN cable products are RoHS and REACH compliant. This ensures that LAN cable products have a minimal impact to the environment in terms of health and safety.

Stay tuned to learn more about Berk-Tek's commitment to managing activities within the daily operations of the company. 

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