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Broadcast Fiber Optics with OCC

by Julie Clark on October 23, 2015

You may not have ever realized that OCC has a history of excellence in the broadcasting world. From worldwide sporting events, to political coverage to the most glamourous award ceremonies - OCC is there behind the scenes.


In broadcast, the pressure is on to ensure every exciting shot transverses the world to a TV screen. You can count on OCC for the products that repeatedly withstand the exteme demands of rapid deployment and retrieval applications. 

The extremely high standards of the broadcast industry created the need for products that would withstand the rigors of installation challenges, such as difficult cable loads and severe crush occurrences, while maintaining utmost reliability during operation. OCC's stadium and arena cables are optimized for rugged situations, and withstand the rigors of high-tensile loading. 

What makes OCC Broadcast products superior?

With advances such as HD video and multi-channel audio in the broadcasting market, greater demands are being put on data transmission systems. Fiber optic technology, with its ability to deliver digital, high-bandwidth, and low signal loss data streams is ideally suited to cope with these needs. Optical Cable Corporation’s broad range of fiber optic broadcast products is specifically designed to withstand the challenges for real-time transmission of high definition broadcast signals.

OCC Broadcast solutions start with tough fiber optic cables. OCC's stadium and arena cables are optimized to withstand the rigors of difficult cable pulls, high tensile loading and severe crush occurrences and can repeatedly endure the abuse associated with the extreme demands in rapid deployment and retrieval applications. Where standard fiber optic cables are likely to fail, OCC's broadcast cables are particularly well-suited to the harsh environment associated with outside field broadcast applications. Factors that make OCC's fiber optic broadcast cables ideal for the broadcast industry include:

  • OCC's special Core-Locked™ jacket is extruded under high pressure directly over the cable’s core, resulting in the internal surface of the cable jacket having helical cusped ridges that interlock with the subcables. This helps keep the cable cross-section circular for better crush and impact protection and superior tear resistance during installation.
  • Helical stranding is a a time-tested cable construction design proven to provide flexibility, survival in difficult pulls and excellent mechanical protection for the optical fibers. This design ensures that no one particular element of the cable receives more stress than the other elements – thus equalizing the stress load associated with particularly tough installations.
  • OCC's water-blocked fiber optic cables provide the best water protection system available by combining the inherent water tolerant features of tight-buffered and Core Locked™ tightbound cable with super absorbent polymer aramid yarn. This design provides superb water-blocking performance while retaining the termination cost advantages of totally gel-free and powder-free tight-buffered cable.
  • OCC's Ultra-Fox™ and Ultra-Fox™ Plus cable design features unique fiber construction consisting of a primary coating of a UV-cured acrylate material and a tight fitting secondary coating of a hard elastomeric polymer buffer.

All of these factors make OCC's cables a practical and reliable means of high capacity data transmission in challenging environments without the delicacy normally associated with traditional fiber optic cables.

Click here to see how OCC meets the needs for Broadcast applications.

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