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Flexibility with Storage Solutions Means Fewer Headaches

by Bobby Salerno on February 7, 2017

Infrastructure projects can be difficult, particularly if the integrator isn’t in on the project early to make sure everything is in the right spot for optimum performance.

AV integrators need flexibility in storage solutions that can handle curveballs on site, including ordering options that match real world installation conditions. Many times, in-wall boxes are installed long before the rest of the AV installation takes place, and attaching flanges and covers at that stage works against the construction.

In some regions, it’s becoming more common for commercial construction to use thinner stud bays, so boxes that can be quickly adjusted on site for shallower depths saves time and money.

Flexible In-Wall Boxes

To solve these issues, Chief engineers created an in-wall box with the features to meet various requirements. The boxes come in two sizes. The PAC525 is 9 x 14.25 x 3.9” (229 x 362 x 99 mm), and the PAC526 is 14.25 x 14.25 x 3.9 (362 x 362 x 99 mm).

Features include:

  • Break away edges change the depth of the box in order to match either 3.5” or 2.5” studs (89 or 64 mm)
  • Separate ordering for box, flange and cover to match when pieces are actually needed in the field, and at no additional MSRP or list pricing cost
  • Large enough space to hold commonly used video scalers
  • Packaging that also serves as a wall template and temporary cover
  • Easier knockouts that can be removed with a flathead screwdriver
  • Integrated universal zip tie anchor points
  • Breakaway knockouts in the cover for cable routing and ventilation as well as tamper proof security

Wall warts and their power cords can make cable management extremely difficult. To combat that, adding a PACUNV1 accessory to the in-wall box helps maximize the space by creating a second-tier of mounting space to accommodate more gear and larger footprint scalers.

The boxes come in black, but the flanges and covers can be ordered in black or white and are paintable to blend with any environment. They work with any dual stud wall mount.

An Electric Twist

The problems of AV installation multiply when considering power. Electricians can have differing priorities on site and may not have left the site AV ready.

Electricians don’t add surge protection and power conditioning as a routine practice. With powered AV storage, integrators can sell the value of surge protection over the regular electrical outlet.

A well-designed AV storage solution with integrated surge protection can alleviate many of these problems and provide some considerable advantages, including:

  • Preventing expensive equipment degradation
  • Reducing extent of coordination with a third party
  • Increase your actual sale
  • Reduce expensive time wasted on site

New storage solutions and dedicated power designed for AV can help integrators avoid construction pain points while adding new sales to the AV side of the equation.

Watch the Chief installation video that showcases the versatility of in-wall boxes.

Cheif PAC525FC-1.jpgPAC525FC_.jpgChief PAC526-2.jpg

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