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Simplify Your White Space Management with CPI's Cabinet Ecosystem Solution

by Teddi Strassburger on November 6, 2017

ORLANDO_TFCABWHT_HOTCOLDISLE_RGB72.jpgThe modern data center continues to evolve is and becoming more and more complex. There are far greater demands around cloud computing, big data and infrastructure efficiency. What’s driving the change? The answer: more users, more data and a lot more reliance on the data center itself. In fact, Gartner reported that 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be connected to the internet by 2020.

With private cloud technologies and the rapid growth in data leading the way within many technological categories, it’s never been more important - or challenging - for data center managers to simplify and manage their white space, understand how to control their resources and find ways to create greater levels of efficiency.

That said, it’s important to recognize that the solutions to these challenges aren’t found in any one area of a data center. That’s why Chatsworth Products (CPI) has taken a more holistic approach to solving these challenges.

CPI’s cabinet ecosystem is a comprehensive, scalable solution that integrates the data center cabinet with hardware and software into a single platform. This allows data center managers to truly gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics within the data center, and helps them make informed decisions.

The key elements of CPI’s cabinet ecosystem that help to simplify white space management include:

  • Cabinets with optimal airflow that translate into built-in cost savings
  • Cable management that helps streamline cables and cords for increased signal quality and network speed
  • Intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) with remote monitoring and switching capabilities to help optimize efficiency and security
  • Environmental monitoring with alarms for critical conditions
  • Electronic Access Control with logging attempt report for improved regulatory compliance
  • Preinstallation and pre- and post-sales services from a single vendor, which eliminates the challenges and confusion that may result from pairing different products from different providers

Click here to view a presentation that provides greater detail on the specific CPI products used in the CPI cabinet ecosystem that help data center managers simplify white space management and improve efficiencies.

Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative.

This blog is based on the October 26th post from our partner, Chatsworth Products (CPI).

Topics: CPI cabinet Data Center iot pdu cable management

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