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Superior Essex's New & Improved Product Line

by Nate Johnson on October 14, 2014

The folks over at Superior Essex have been busy lately, and Accu-Tech's got the press releases to show you why - both the copper wire and fiber cabling segments of the Superior Essex product line have undergone expansions! These latest rounds of engineering heavily target outdoor and extended haul applications:




Superior Essex Announces Completion of BBD Product Family

Atlanta, GA – October 13, 2014 Superior Essex announces the industry’s first halogen-free CM/CMX rated versions of the BBDG and BBDN CAT 6 and 6A cables, which can be deployed directly from outdoor to indoor spaces without the need for additional cables, cuts or connections. These cables complete the Broadband Distribution (BBD) series and provide Superior Essex customers the broadest range of outside plant broadband products available in the industry. The BBD series includes Category (CAT) 5e through 6A cables which are deployable in duct, underground conduit, lashed aerial, tower, open trench, low-risk direct burial, and direct burial spaces. BBD products are ideal for Outside Plant (OSP), Power over Ethernet (POE), wireless, security and telecom applications. Superior Essex BBD series maintains several outstanding features that promote high levels of performance for multiple applications. All BBD cables include Polymer Fiber Matrix (PFM) gel-filled core technology to prevent moisture intrusion, backed by a best-in-class installation warranty and operational temperature range at -40° C (-40° F). Furthermore, each OSP design has successfully completed the coldest installation temperature tests in the industry, down to -55° C (-67° F). Aluminum Interlock-Armored versions are available for protection against mechanical stresses and easier installation in applications requiring EMT conduits. “The breadth of the BBD series allows our customers to meet all of their OSP to Premises cabling needs with one manufacturer while also improving productivity during deployment” says Amir Sekhavat, Director of Product Management for Premises Copper Cables.


Superior Essex Announces Expansion of Series HZA and Series HZD Stranded Loose Tube Fiber Cables

Atlanta, GA – October 09, 2014 Superior Essex announces the expansion of their loose tube fiber cables, Series HZA and HZD, which will now include 72-fiber, 96-fiber, and 144-fiber configurations. Series HZA and HZD cables are designated low smoke zero halogen (LSZH), making them ideal for indoor/outdoor applications such as campus environments, tunnels and subway passages. These cables comply with NFPA-130, UL 1666 and are rated OFNR-LS. Both Series HZA and HZD feature rugged, loose tube designs with optical fibers placed inside gel-free buffer tubes and stranded around a central core using a reverse oscillating lay. The fibers are wrapped with flexible strength members, covered with a heat-resistant, water-blocking tape, and encased with a black, flame and sunlight-resistant jacket. Series HZA also features corrugated steel armor placed beneath the jacket for additional protection from physical stress. A rip cord is included under the jacket for ease of entry. These dual purpose cables save money and installation time by allowing a direct transition from indoor to outdoor applications with a single cable. Because these cables are fully water blocked with dry elements, stripping and termination is faster, resulting in further savings on installation costs. These cables comply with the standards for both Outside Plant (OSP) and indoor riser applications. The loose tube design offers reliable transmission performance over a broad temperature range.


For pricing or additional information on Superior Essex solutions, contact your local Accu-Tech representative today!

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