The Fujikura 70S from AFL is the World’s Fastest and Most Robust Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Posted by Bobby Salerno

Feb 17, 2017 8:38:02 AM

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The Fujikura 70S is the world’s fastest and most robust core alignment fusion splicer. Incorporating the proven ruggedized features pioneered by Fujikura, the 70S has added automated and enhanced user control features toScreen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.10.46 AM.pngincrease splicing efficiency. A user programmable, automated wind protector expedites the splicing process by automatically closing to initiate the splice process, and opening upon splice completion. Fully programmable “auto open sheath clamps” open one or both sheath clamps, after the tensile test, to prepare the fiber for removal. A new automated “clamshell design” tube heater applies heat to both sides of the splice protection sleeve resulting in a 14-second shrink time. The result is a total splice process time of approximately 21 seconds! Ruggedness and durability are greatly enhance by a mirror-less optical system and "severe-impact resistant" monitor. Battery capacity is now 200 splices/shrinks. An innovative transit case doubles as a built-in or mobile workstation and makes splicing easier than ever before.

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