You Aren't the Only One with Questions About OM5 Fiber

Posted by Bobby Salerno

May 19, 2017 1:49:20 PM

Do you have questions about OM5 fiber? You aren't the only one! Join us for a FREE webinar that will answer your questions!

Is OM5 specified in optical transmission standards such as Ethernet and Fibre Channel?
There are no transmission standards that specify OM5 or SWDM. Transmission standards typically include only one multimode fiber variant that is selected based on economic, commercial, and technical criteria. Parallel transmission is the default multimode fiber variant for data rates ≥ 40G.

When will Corning’s connectivity products be available with OM5?
EDGE™ and EDGE8™ solutions are now available with OM5.

Does this new technology require a new polarity method for the duplex fiber connectivity?

No.Traditional Corning universal polarity connectivity solutions can be used. End users are expected to deploy solutions with Base-8 or Base-12 MTP® backbone cables and MTP-to-LC modules or harnesses to breakout into   2-fiber LC interconnects.

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