Careers at Accu-Tech

Here at Accu-Tech, we believe that success is created by initiative, not luck. 

Whether your interest is in sales, purchasing, operations, accounting or marketing,
Accu-Tech is committed to providing opportunities for you. 

Interested in creating your success? Keep reading to learn more about Accu-Tech. 

Accu-Tech's Team-Based Culture 

Accu-Tech TeamAt Accu-Tech, we win as a team. A single order involves every component of our business before the customer even receives their material. A successful order requires everyone to use their strengths, to make their contribution to the team and to own the project from start to finish. We work together to get the job done

Accu-Tech challenges the status quo, pushes boundaries and seeks solutions. We celebrate wins. We don't lose; we learn. We never stop innovating - action is always more profitable than reaction. 


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Employee Spotlight 

Donna and NelsonMeet Donna and Nelson 

Donna Rossell and Nelson Albanesi are an Outside/Inside Sales duo that has taken the Bay Area by storm. Donna is the #1 Outside Salesperson for the third year running, and Nelson is in the Top 10 for Inside Sales over the same time span. 

"I love the variety and loyalty...No matter if you're in the West Coast, East Coast or anything in between, everyone is always willing to help each other in any situation. I love that everyone wants everyone to be successful. We are family." - Donna

"The reason I like working at Accu-Tech is opportunity. With all the resources we have, we are able to service the customer like no other distributor. We are able to share material with other locations, deliver material to customers at 5am if need be, or better yet, same-day deliveries in a pinch." - Nelson 


Diversity at Accu-Tech 

Diversity at Accu-Tech

The Accu-Tech team is comprised of diverse individuals who outwork, outperform and outthink our competition. Talent is recognized, developed and rewarded. Everyone has a voice, and everyone is engaged. The people make Accu-Tech unique. The people make Accu-Tech great.

We provide a workplace where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to our overall success. We are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees and applicants for employment. We treat each person fairly, courteously, respectfully and with dignity. Our workplaces have an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect, valuing each unique individual. We know that our diversity is what makes us strong and successful.

Accu-Tech offers outstanding career path opportunities through programs designed to recruit, develop, engage and retain talented people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or marital or veteran status.

Accu-Tech is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer; Minority / Female / Disabled / Veteran. We require all of our employees to perform work in an ethical manner and uphold a culture of honesty and ethics at all times. 

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