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Belden Total Enterprise Networks cable and connectivity products deliver the signal transmission solutions that provide the advanced performance and reliability needed to support mission-critical information systems, advanced communications networks, premise security systems and building automation and control systems. From the data center and LAN to building management, A/V applications and security and alarm systems, Belden Total Enterprise Networks provide effective, reliable performance while supporting the complex and unique requirements of users, devices, servers and processors in both local and remote Enterprise topologies.

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With experience in every aspect of cables, components and systems, Berk-Tek is your ideal partner in a changing telecom environment. Berk-Tek produces a wide range of copper and optical fiber cables, and associated interconnect solutions, like jointing and splicing boxes. Berk-Tek R&D labs continue to design and refine products dedicated to open standards, while proven network expertise means that we can integrate technologies to meet your specific needs, and provide turnkey projects worldwide.

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Build your high-performance enterprise and data center networks with Berk-Tek and Leviton - two of the most INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE AND SERVICE-ORIENTED names in the industry.

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B-Line by Eaton is a leading manufacturer of quality enclosure systems for communications, mechanical and electrical industries. B-Line by Eaton's products include communications/data equipment, cabinets, enclosures, and pipe hangers and mechanical supports. 

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Circa Telecom is part of parent company Circa Enterprises and focuses on products related to surge protection in the telecommunications industry. Products range from racks and cabinets to terminals and hardware. Circa Telecom products are high-quality, reliable, and high-performing solutions for surge protection concerns. 

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CommScope designs and manufactures a complete line of Outside Plant (OSP), Indoor/Outdoor and Premise fiber optic cables, in addition to providing the highest-performing copper network infrastructure solutions for next-generation enterprise networks.

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Corning Cable Systems offers a broad range of end-to-end fiber optic and copper product solutions for customers' telecommunications networks. In a breakthrough innovation, Corning invented the first commercially viable low-loss optical fiber in 1970 and as a result, changed the world. Our customer-focused solutions include cables, connectors, a full line of single-mode and multimode fibers and related hardware, and network services that include network design, project management, installation and maintenance, equipment rental and training programs.

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chatsworth cpi

CPI cabinet and enclosure systems provide exceptional quality to the business and hide cables and equipment for the most professional appearance. CPI enclosures provide extra security, thermal management options, and passive cooling solutions for a green thermal approach. CPI products offer superior cooling performance while maintaining a professional appearance with the unique design. 

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The Dymo brand provides leading industry solutions in labeling. Dymo produces not only labelers, but also all the accessories including nylon, vinyl and polyester label tape and cases for all the products. 

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Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions for the installation and certification, testing, monitoring and analysis of copper, fiber and wireless networks used by enterprises and telecommunications carriers. The company's award-winning solutions provide network installers, owners, and maintainers with superior vision, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance.

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Garvin manufactures electrical, low voltage and lighting products. Garvin tools and installation accessories provide you with multiple styles to choose from. Garvin accessories include pulling tools tapes and lines to make any job easier.  

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General Cable is a leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets. Each day we're building business momentum – developing ideas into innovative solutions and industry-leading products, expanding geographic access and furthering our investment in highly capable associates, lean manufacturing, material science and technology resources.

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Greenlee, founded in 1862, is becoming one of the most trusted sources of professional-grade tools for cable installation today. Greenlee offers many installation support products ranging from fiber optic instruments to electrical testing instruments. 

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With the advent of consumer applications requiring higher communications data rates (e.g. high definition video), copper and fiber optic cabling technologies that enable these transmissions have been forced to evolve rapidly. Selecting the appropriate communication cable for a project can be challenging. Whether you are a consultant designing infrastructure for a major customer, or an IT professional updating your companies infrastructure, Hitachi Cable America has the copper and fiber optic cabling solutions to meet your needs.

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Hoffman's wire and cable management systems are used in commercial and industrial environments to provide an easy and flexible way to distribute power. Hoffman's designs are flexible, easy-to-install, and can be installed on ceilings, walls, beneath floors, or even combined to create an original design to fit any application. 

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Hubbell's connectivity products lead the industry in product innovation and range from copper cross connectors to fiber connectors. Hubbell products are designed with optimal performance and efficiency to exceed current industry expectations and provide a stable foundation for future applications. All the newest Hubbell designs are created with the end-user in mind, designed to improve performance and reliability. 

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ITW Linx

ITW Linx provides surge protection solutions for both telecom and datacom industries. ITW Linx products provide high-quality and innovative designs for the user that offer indication of performance quality for the user. ITW Linx produces all of the products necessary to create the right surge protection solution for any business. 

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Legrand and Superior Essex have combined their leading industry expertise to create nCompass, a suite of high performing copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems. nCompass systems are comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of networks that require greater support, reliability, energy efficiency and flexibility. Together, Legrand and Superior Essex offer an expansive portfolio of network communications and infrastructure products that complement the nCompass systems.

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Mohawk was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of wire and cable products including LAN, composite and fiber optic cables. For over 50 years Mohawk has been providing fiber and copper cable innovations, developing cutting-edge products for for their customers world-wide. 

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Neptco manufacturers a multitude of components to complete any telecom system. Neptco cable materials provide a shield against water when needed and offers components for copper, fiber optic and power cable. 

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Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality tight-buffer fiber optic cables and data communication connectivity solutions designed for enterprise markets and customized solutions for specialty uses and harsh environments. Today, OCC offers an integrated suite of quality, warranted network cabling solutions designed to provide outstanding performance characteristics.

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Preformed Line Products serves communications industries with specialized high-quality cabling and anchoring and control hardware systems. Preformed Line Products offer innovative and dependable designs of closures, including but not limited to different sized splice trays.  

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Quiktron Rapid Run

Quiktron is part of the Rapid Run brand. Quiktron produces telecom accessories such as media converters, along with other components for copper and fiber optic cabling projects.

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Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high-quality, high-performance networking copper and fiber-optic cabling solutions. Siemon Labs invests heavily in research and development to underline its commitment to its customers and the industry.

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Specified Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in fire protection systems to prevent the spread of fire, fumes and destruction in the event of a fire. STI focuses on creating the best products for firestopping, and provides all aspects of the system. 

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TE Connectivity designs its cables for all levels of computing and mass storage suited for applications up to 15Ghz and beyond. With over half a million high-tech products, TE Connectivity connects and protects the flow of data and power that consumers and industries from around the world rely on every day.

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tripp lite power protection

Tripp Lite surge protectors are an excellent protection option, as the products are safe, reliable, and efficient. Tripp Lite products are built to last in several different environments ranging from healthcare to industrial, and are available in energy-saving models. 

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Velcro brand products are perfect for tying cables. Velcro offers many different plenum and non-plenum sizes of velcro for optimal cable management. 

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