Panduit White Papers

Field Testing Multimode 10 Gb/s (and beyond) Fiber Permanent Links (2011)

Technology Considerations in a Connected Building Environment (2010)

Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) Strategies for Smart Data Centers: Deploying a Vertical Exhaust System to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Support Sustainability Goals (2009)

Achieving Financial and Functional Advantages in Connected Building Solutions with the Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) (2009)

Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) Strategies for Data Center Networking: Physical Infrastructure Considerations for Smart Data Center Consolidation (2009)

The Unified Physical Infrastructure Approach (2009)

Testing 10 Gb/s Performance of Category 6 and 6A Structured Copper Cabling Systems within the Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) (2008)

Next-Generation High-Speed Transport Systems for Smart Data Center and Enterprise Networking: Category 6A UTP Cabling System Delivers Reliable 10 Gb/s Performance with Improved Space Savings, Power Efficiency, Thermal Management (2008)

Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI) Strategies for Storage Networking: Using Centralized Architectures to Achieve Physically Consolidated Storage Environments (2008)

Managing Physical Security Risk in Physical Layer Infrastructure Solutions Protecting Against Network Intrusion Using Keyed Connectivity Systems (2008)

Choosing the Best Ferrule Material for Your Network Application (2008)

Best Practices for Ensuring Polarity of Array-Based Fiber Optic Channels (2008)

Smart Data Center Solutions: Implementing a 10 Gb/s Physical Infrastructure to Achieve I/O Consolidation in the Data Center (2008)