Business Partner Compliance Program

In selecting our business partners, Accu-Tech focuses on third parties who place as much value on ethics and integrity as we do. Accu-Tech's ZERO tolerance on bribery and corruption prohibits bribes of any kind to be authorized, offered, given, requested or accepted in the course of doing business for or on behalf of Accu-Tech. As such, third parties wishing to become an Accu-Tech business partner are required to complete the Accu-Tech's business partner qualification process, as well as to agree to comply with Accu-Tech's Business Partner Anti-Corruption Policy.

Accu-Tech's business partner qualification process includes a due diligence screening of all new Business Partners who are (i) located in or doing business in a High-Risk Country identified by Accu-Tech; or (ii) performing services for or on behalf of Accu-Tech in one of the “High-Risk Categories” identified by Accu-Tech (e.g., sales agents, customs brokers, freight forwarder, etc.).

Learn more about Accu-Tech's Partner Personal Data Protection Policy and how Accu-Tech respects the information it receives from our business partners.

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