Government Employees and Contractors

Prizes & Food/Beverages

Due to applicable laws and Accu-Tech's policy, no Federal, State or Local Government employee, including State University personnel, will be eligible for prizes or food and/or beverages, if provided. If a Federal, State or Local Government employee does register to participate in a prize draw and their name is randomly selected, that draw will be disregarded and another name will be drawn.


Accu-Tech conducts marketing presentations, product demonstrations, and seminars to familiarize current and prospective clients with Accu-Tech's products and services. Some government agencies permit acceptance of this training by employees, other agencies may not. Government employees should determine whether their agency’s standards of conduct or other applicable regulations permit government employees to attend this Accu-Tech-sponsored education or training session. Please note that fair market value for a non-billable Accu-Tech education or training session is deemed to be zero, as it is normally provided, consistent with Accu-Tech's established practice, to commercial clients, government clients, and potential clients for no charge. The offer of Accu-Tech education or training made in conjunction with this notice is void where prohibited by U.S. Federal, state, or local statute or regulation.

Industry Associations' Continuing Education Credits

Due to local, state and federal regulation and Accu-Tech's policy, government personnel are not eligible for industry associations' continuing education credits available through any Accu-Tech-sponsored training session. Even though government personnel can attend the training sessions, they will not be awarded credits for their time.