Fingerprint Access Control

Fit for All Scenarios


Fingerprint Access
Control Fit for All

  • Fingerprint + PIN + Card

  • Outdoor-rated: IP65 Waterproof

  • Graphic LCD Screen

  • Integrates with over 20 access control software systems



Smart Security - That's Built to Last

What does security look like that considers the future? Security professionals are flocking to fingerprint technology, because it provides the surest form of security that is accurate and built to last. The BioLite Net comes equipped with a graphic LCD screen and multi-factor authentication - fingerprint plus PIN or card. Flexible deployments mean you can connect the BLN directly with a legacy access control system, with BioConnect Identity Platform software or retrofit with BioStar access control software. With its IP65-rating, it can be placed in an outdoor or indoor scenario from creating uniformity across a location: gates, front door, interior doors and parking facility entrances. 

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