DITEK provides total surge protection solutions for low voltage CCTV, Fire and Intrusion, Access Control and Voice/Data/Signal applications, including VOIP and POE.


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DITEK’s MRJ series protects vital data lines and computerized systems from surge-induced damage. Convenient RJ connections protect one, two or four voice/data/signal pairs, depending on model. MRJ series protectors are easily installed at a building’s incoming entry, at the equipment being protected, or any point between them. The MRJ series is perfect to protect incoming CO lines, station lines, low voltage data, and building-to-building runs.

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Surge Protection: Campus Security's First Line of Defense

In order to successfully secure a campus, you must ensure the installed security equipment is working at all times. One threat to the proper functioning of security equipment can come from lightning strikes and power surges. The lack of protection can be extremely costly, and not all surge protection solutions are right for your campus. DITEK offers a variety of surge protection solutions, and we can work with you to determine the ideal solution for your campus. Click here to learn more about surge protection for campuses in an article by Bill MacKenzie, a DITEK Regional Account Manager. Click here to contact your local Accu-Tech representative and start designing your complete DITEK surge protection solution. 

DITEK Fire Alarm Surge Protection

Discover the importance of protecting your fire alarm system with DITEK.

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