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ICC Networking (ICCN) designs, manufactures and distributes software-driven unified IEEE 802.11 and TV Whitespace IP data networking solutions, including Ethernet switching, access points, premise and cloud-based control and monetization systems.

Explosive Need for an Intelligent Wireless Ecosystem

Content and analytics continue to become the new natural resources. Knowing what and how information can be used is central to next generation wireless connectivity. 

ICCN's Intelligent edge networking should be at the core of any wireless solution offering. An intelligent edge provides visibility, automatic determination of content and associated policies and ensures quick adjustments to routing patterns that ensure network stability and client satisfaction. 

ICC Networking Solution: icXchange®

ICCN's icXchange® architecture delivers control, performance and flexibility to handle today's complex user demands. This family of unified IP data networking solutions, comprised of the Access Control System and Unified Access Device, pairs industry-leading hardware with proprietary intelligent and flexible software and cloud controls, ideal for current business requirements and easily scaled for future requirements.

The icXchange Access Control System is based on a unified wired and wireless controller system with software-driven features, making it the most flexible platform in the industry.

The Unified Access Devices (UAD) are built for all wireless networks in the age of BYOD/BYOC and Internet of Things (IoT). Designed with advanced features, UAD comes with the UADOS software with patent-pending content controls.


ICC Networking Solution: Benefits

ICCN does not trade value, cost and features when addressing the requirements of any customer. The icXchange product lines deliver software-driven mobility networking that delivers value. 

More devices and better performance in any environment at lower cost: 

  • Mobile and Social
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Streaming
  • Any Environment (stadiums, cities, problematic buildings, etc.) 

Simplified management and network intelligence through public or private cloud infrastructures:

  • Network Consolidation
  • Policy Management
  • Monitoring and Control

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