A leader in combining high quality technology with innovative design, SureCall manufactures award-winning cell phone signal booster solutions and accessories, that dramatically improve cell phone reception for homes, cars and businesses.


SureCall Boosters Solve In-Building Signal Challenges

 With the surging demand for constant connectivity, the need for reliable cellular service inside commercial buildings has grown dramatically. As we move towards a cord-free lifestyle, business communication is being conducted on cell phones more than ever before. Companies are working to become more efficient and enhance internal communications with reliable in-building connectivity and constant cellular uptime.

 SureCall signal boosters can be implemented in a variety of applications including a cost-effective alternative to DAS. SureCall offers a line of performance-leading signal boosters that enhance voice, data, Wi-Fi, and public safety communications for multiple simultaneous users inside buildings up to 100,000 square feet and beyond.

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