Copper and Fiber Connectivity Solutions from Top Manufacturers

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Belden Total Enterprise Networks cable and connectivity products deliver the copper and fiber connectivity solutions that provide the reliability and performance needed to support not only mission-critical information systems, but also advanced communications networks, building automation and control systems and security systems.

From the data center and LAN to security management and audio/visual, Belden Total Enterprise Networks provides effective, reliable performance while supporting the unique requirements of each situation in both local and remote Enterprise topologies.

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With experience in every aspect of cable systems, Berk-Tek is your ideal partner in the constantly evolving telecommunications environment. Berk-Tek produces a wide range of connectivity solutions for both copper and fiber cables, such as jointing and splicing boxes. Berk-Tek research and design labs continue to create and modify products, while simultaneously integrating technologies to meet your individual needs. 

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CommScope Enterprise Solutions' connectivity products offer a range of options for varying degrees of performance. CommScope's solutions also provide options with affordability, while still producing top-of-the line products. CommScope offers high-performance network infrastructure solutions for business success, providing real-world solutions to mission-critical projects. 

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Corning Cable Systems offers a broad range of fiber optic and copper connectivity product solutions for telecommunications networks. Corning's customer-focused connectors solutions offer the best optical performance and reliability. Corning products even improve installation simply by creating an easier-to-use design. Connectivity products range from attenuators and terminators to mechanical splices, all of which are designed to provide the best solution for your company. 

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Hubbell's connectivity products lead the industry in product innovation and range from copper cross connectors to fiber connectors. Hubbell products are designed with optimal performance and efficiency to exceed current industry expectations and provide a stable foundation for future applications. All the newest Hubbell designs are created with the end-user in mind, designed to improve performance and reliability. 

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Legrand offers a range of connectivity products, for any copper or fiber connection needs. All copper and fiber optic components are engineered to meet or surpass the most stringent industry standards. Each system supports common, convenient approaches to cabling, with a range of performance, density and termination options.

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Leviton, a leader in copper and fiber solutions with a century of experience, offers a wide selection of solutions and accessories for every network type. Enclosures and cable assemblies are available in all fiber types. Copper solutions are available for projects ranging from A/V to campus-wide ethernet, and provide high-end performance to suit your needs. 


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Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is a leading manufacturer, innovator and designer of the highest quality fiber optic connectivity solutions. OCC designs solutions for all situations ranging from enterprise markets to customized solutions for specialty uses. Today, OCC even offers an integrated suite of quality, warranted network cabling solutions providing outstanding performance and reliability.

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Panduit's creation of quality products and commitment to its customers make them a leader in the industry. Panduit products include both fiber and copper connectivity systems, and are constantly being innovated. Panduit's range of solutions and expertise in data centers, intelligent buildings and manufacturing operations make them an expert in copper and fiber connectivity solutions. 

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Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the innovation and creation of high-quality and high-performance copper and fiber-optic cabling solutions. Siemon Labs invest heavily in research and development to underline its ongoing commitment to customers and the industry. Siemon services include but are not limited to cabling installation, project assistance, consulting and intelligent bulidilng expertise. 

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TE Connectivity cables and connectors are designed for all levels of computing and mass storage suited for applications up to 15Ghz and beyond. With over half a million high-tech products, TE Connectivity has been innovating for over 100 years. Today, TE Connectivity connects and protects the flow of data and power that consumers and industries rely on every day globally.  

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