Patch panels, copper patch cords, fiber jumpers, jacks, fiber connectors, adaptors, panels, splice enclosures--all of these products fall into the category of connectivity. Of the thousands and thousands of feet of cable, both copper and fiber, running throughout a building, connectivity products bring it all together.  

Data centers require a dependable, high-performance network which can adapt to your many application requirements as well as future expansions and additions. By utilizing products from the leading manufacturers of copper and fiber connectivity, rest assured that your network won't lose performance at these vital junctures. 

Whether it's a data center expansion or a complete infrastructure overhaul, Accu-Tech's leading manufacturer partners have the copper and fiber connectivity to meet every project's demands. Browse our vendor solutions below. 



Copper and Fiber Connectivity Solutions are Available From: 

belden berktek Commscope corning
hubbell Legrand leviton OCC
panduit Siemon TE Connectivity logo connect