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The BlueWave Advantage

a full-feature access control system without the use of panels or proprietary networks

BlueWave Security provides a standards-based access control solution to maximize flexibility and manageability while minimizing both installation costs and total cost of ownership.Our customers are not limited to a single vendor’s management and security toolset. Rather, our customers may use their choice of tools from an entire industry of security and management products.

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Product Sets

CONTROLLERS – The NETGEN (Wi-Fi or Ethernet 802.3)

The NETGEN Controllers communicate with all BlueView management software versions in real-time over wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi networks. The NetGen door controllers support industry standard Wiegand credential readers and 12 or 24 volt locking devices. Customers with existing Wiegand readers and other door electronics can leverage their investment and reduce costs by using NetGen controllers to upgrade legacy systems.

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CREDENTIAL READERS – BluePass, Keypads, Prox Readers

BlueWave Security offers a selection of proximity and keypad readers that use industry standard credential cards (prox, fob, photo ID) and fully integrate with NetGen controllers and all BlueView software versions. BluePass readers utilize Bluetooth smartphone technologies. As a result, the smartphone becomes the access credential.
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LOCKING DEVICES – Exit Devices, Strikes, Cylindrical Locks, Mag Locks, Plate Housings

For a fully-secure access control system at the door, BlueWave Security provides commercial grade, non-proprietary locking hardware necessary to complete required specifications. Whether an exit device, door strike, magnetic or cylindrical lock is specified; BlueWave Security can provide these and all associated housings, brackets and accessory components.
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REX DEVICES – Push Buttons, Switches, Sensors

BlueWave Security offers a selection of request to exit (REX) commercial grade devices in push button, switch and sensor options. Many security codes and standards require REX components to be installed as part of an access control system.
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CARDS & ACCESSORIES – Prox/Fob/Photo Cards, Connectors, Loops, Splitters/Injectors

To complete the NetGen controlled access control system, credential cards (prox, fob, photo ID) are required, except for the BluePass reader. Some projects require accessories that are not included with the locking devices or credential readers. BlueWave Security provides these components and accessories.
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