Featured Product: IQeye Sentinel Series

iqeye sentinel

IQeye Sentinel Series are full featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile all-weather cameras. With support for up to 5 MP resolutions, these advanced cameras provide multiple, individually configured H.264 and simultaneous MJPEG streams. Designed with the installer in mind, innovative features drastically reduce installation costs and time.

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Vicon Security

For nearly 50 years, Vicon has been designing and manufacturing a full portfolio of video surveillance products. A pioneer in the development of megapixel cameras, video management software, NVRs,  DVRs and video storage solutions, Vicon offers comprehensive IP-based security solutions that easily integrate with many third-party security solutions, including access control. 

Vicon is committed to developing strong partnerships to innovate and deliver new technology and expertise to help you focus on what’s important – your security!

IQ Advantages:

IQeye IP security cameras offer multiple benefits.  With incredible multi-megapixel resolution, intelligent camera software and easy integration features, IQeye smart cameras take the guesswork out of any security video application. Installation is simple and cost-effective, and the IQeye's proven image quality and time-tested reliability delivers results where CCTV cameras fall short. IQeye intelligent cameras give you multiple video management options, and are top quality security IP cameras that are affordable for any budget. 


Superior Image Quality

  • Forensic Detail

describe the imageWith IQeye megapixel cameras, you get clear, crisp images that let you see the important details you need for identification so you don't let the bad guys get away.  Easily recognize faces and read license plates while still capturing the full field of view.


  • Fast-Moving ObjectsIQ Fast Moving

IQeye cameras use progressive scan CMOS imagers with rolling and global shutters, which are ideal for capturing clear video of high speed objects.

  • Low-Light PerformanceIQ Low Light

IQeye network cameras include the latest image processing technology that ensures the best possible performance in low light conditions. IQeye cameras are also available with Lightgrabber and IR sensitive Day/Night security camera models.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Better Coverage:

IQeye Megapixel network security cameras can replace multiple standard resolution cameras and still deliver forensic detail.

  • Better Viewing Experience:

Replacing several low-res cameras with a single multi-megapixel IQeye IP camera improves the viewing experience by eliminating the need for multiple monitors and complex, thumbnail multi-view screens.

  • Fewer Callbacks:

Qeye cameras are designed for mission-critical applications and are the most stable network cameras in the industry.  They work continuously in challenging network environments where other products fall short, reducing the amount of time you spend troubleshooting.

  • Lower Labor & Maintenance Costs:

Time is money when you're running a business.  That's why every IQeye IP camera was designed to minimize installation and set-up time so you are up and running faster. You can also save on maintenance costs because, unlike Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, IQeye security cameras have no gears, belts, or pulleys that break.

  • Simple Power over Ethernet Wiring:

Every IQeye is PoE ready whether it is a basic plug-and-play network camera or one of our smart IP day/night cameras.  This feature not only contributes to an easy installation, but it also means you have an energy-efficient camera for surveillance of any type of business or residential property.

  • Long Camera Life:

IQeye has pioneered IR mirror technology that filters less noise and eliminates the worry of imager burn.  In addition, IQeye security cameras are built to last - using high quality commercial-grade materials and tried, tested, and proven to be the most stable network cameras on the market.  IQeye cameras are available in vandal resistant domes and weatherproof security cameras that will last for years to come.