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Guidelines for small, medium, and large video surveillance projects


Company Overview:
Toshiba is uniquely positioned in the entire surveillance and IP video industry with presence in Enterprise, Analog, Hybrid and Network platforms. We offer a full range of solutions for a variety of applications including video analytics, POS integration and cloud based services. Complete end-to-end surveillance solutions allow us to offer the best migration strategy and most comprehensive line-up in the industry.

IK WP41A camera 50% resized 600



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Recording Solutions


P1710A P1910A (1) resized 600 




IK WR12A JK PHO12 JK WM12 JK CMA12 72dpi resized 600 



Why buy Toshiba?

1. Brand Recognition and Superior Corporate Stability
Toshiba is a $75 Billion dollar company, has been in business since 1875, and offers a broad range of products for the Consumer, Business and Industrial markets.

2. Full Range of Solutions for a Variety of Applications 
Markets a wide range of video surveillance solutions including network-based IP cameras, analog cameras, digital video recorders, software, video servers and accessories.

3. Complete End to End Recording Solutions
The most comprehensive line-up in the industry. SMB and Enterprise solutions are forward compatible with IP Video and backward compatible with Analog cameras. Also have complete ability to migrate and scale.

4. Total Cost of Ownership Won't Increase Every Year 
The Toshiba recording system only has one cost for its server. There are no upgrade or maintenance costs. Plus unlimited FREE remote users.

5. Excellent Service and Support
Toshiba offers the best support in the industry. This includes our Virtual Installer Program, advanced replacement and priority support lines for our ProfitMAX resellers.

6. Interoperability
Our IP cameras support major brand NVR companies. Our NVRs support over 100 brands and models of IP cameras.

7. Only One Point of Contact Needed For Assistance
Customer Service is our top priority so if you need assistance with one of our Surveillance products, you'll only need to make one phone call.

8. Uniquely positioned in the entire surveillance & IP video industry - Enterprise, Analog, Hybrid and Network platforms. 

Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products Group prides itself on developing stable, long-term relationships with its customers. We encourage you to call us and learn how we can serve your needs, today and tomorrow.