Fluidmesh Releases New "Intelligent" Transmission Protocol: Prodigy

Posted by Brian Brown

Apr 12, 2010 1:12:00 PM

fluidmesh prodigy

Backed by two years of R &D, Fluidmesh announces Prodigy; a high performance 'intelligent' transmission protocol which can transmit any IP-compatible traffic including data, video , and VOIP.

Direct from Fluidmesh Press Release:





Boston, MA - March, 2010 - Fluidmesh Networks, a leader in wireless IP backhaul systems, announces the release of Prodigy, a high performance ‘intelligent' transmission protocol which will now be integrated into all Fluidmesh products starting from Firmware version 5.1.2. Prodigy is the result of two years of R&D development and can transmit any IP-compatible traffic including data, video, and VOIP. The goal of Prodigy is to overcome the limits of the standard license-free wireless solutions and provide a higher level of reliability at the infrastructure level.


Alessandro Erta, R&D Director of Fluidmesh, adds: "We were able to improve the performances of the existing video-optimized Fluidmesh protocol and extend its advantages to any type of IP traffic. At the base of the new protocol there is a traffic optimization algorithm that allows every Fluidmesh device to assign a specific level of priority and reliability to every packet transmitted in the network. This process allows the wireless network to automatically adjust its parameters based on the type of traffic sent across with a much higher accuracy compared to a standard QoS. The overall result is a better, more reliable, multi-service wireless infrastructure."


Prodigy also offers a higher resiliency to interferences compared to traditional license-free wireless solutions. This new Fluidmesh protocol is able to maintain a solid transmission in high-interference areas by using an ‘intelligent' control on packet retransmission. The uniqueness of Prodigy is in its ‘intelligence'. The network controls packet re-transmissions based on the packet type and on the link error rate and modifies the transmission parameters in order to achieve maximum reliability.


With the release of Prodigy, Fluidmesh also announces a market expansion in the wireless infrastructure space by making its innovative products available to the following verticals: Cellular Backhauling, Wi-Max Backhauling, WISP Backhauling, VOIP Backhauling, Smartgrids, SCADA, and Public Transportation. Umberto Malesci, CEO of Fluidmesh, adds:"Prodigy allows us to offer a carrier-grade wireless backhaul solution. We're very excited to expand the reach of our technology and make our unique product offering available to customers outside of the security space. It's called the Wireless Revolution for a reason, right?!"


By offering a carrier-grade license-free wireless infrastructure, Fluidmesh provides a valid alternative to microwave bridges and fiber backbones. Many companies are turning to license-free wireless systems due to their ease of deployment and affordability leading to an overall higher ROI on the deployment.


Fluidmesh marked its official launch into the wireless infrastructure space by exhibiting at CTIA International on March 23-25, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, please visit www.fluidmesh.com.

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