Taking PoE Further.

Posted by Brian Brown

Sep 24, 2010 9:55:00 AM

Berk-Tek announced their new product, OneReach, at the 2010 BICSI Fall Conference. This product was the talk of the show. Especially with security installers.

At it's core, OneReach Cable Assembly (OCA), is a composite cable consisting of fiber optic and copper conductors. This combination can extend a PoE distances up to 3,850ft. 

From Berk-Tek's site

Speed, simplicity and performance.  You find them all in the OCA of the OneReach System. Power and data transmission are supported within a single jacket through the use of Berk-Tek CL3R-OF rated composite copper/fiber cable. These cables combine 12 AWG or 18 AWG stranded conductors with either tight-buffered or loose tube optical fiber cable designs to support 1- or 4-port remote devices.

Building upon the strength of the innovative cable design, assemblies are built to the specific length requirements of each project, and arrive on-site with pre-tested optical fiber connectors and an M8 connector for power on the remote device end, ready to install. The local end of the assembly attaches effortlessly to the local media module or powered patch panel with standard LC connectors and easy to use screw terminals.  

Rapid and reliable installation is the norm with OneReach, which lets you take PoE to new distances. The stranded conductors provide enough power to support PoE to distances well beyond the 100 meters supported through traditional twisted pair cabling.


  • Simple, single pull installation
  • Combines control and communication in industrial pathways
  • Provides common pathway for fiber backbone and Class 3 power supply
  • Can be used in wet or dry locations
  • Designs for indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor environments
  • Able to support distances beyond 2,500 feet

Topics: Security, Structured Cabling