Intransa VideoAppliance: Open... Flexible... Simple..... FINALLY!

Posted by Nick Ainsworth

Feb 15, 2011 2:18:00 PM

From Jeff Whitney, Intransa Vice President of Marketing:

Intransa believes that reliable platforms for common physical security applications like video surveillance, access control or video analytics should be simple to install, easy to operate and upgrade, and reduce both energy consumption and overall equipment requirements.  The result of that thinking is the award-winning Intransa VideoAppliance™.

In order to leverage the power of open, digital IP technology, many dealers, integrators and security departments have had to integrate commodity servers and IT storage systems with their selected video management, access control or video analytics software.    Unfortunately, it often proves quite challenging to select, install and integrate hardware designed primarily for word processing and email to reliably support the challenging 24x7x365 workloads of physical security deployments.   The result is that many projects experience problems during or after installation, due to human error, inconsistent deployments and ongoing support challenges.

No more.  Named Best in Video Surveillance and Distribution at ISC West 2010, Intransa VideoAppliance™ simplifies physical security.   Offered in two product families, these modular appliances are tested and jointly certified by Intransa Technology Labs along with the manufacturers of hundreds of physical security and technology products to ensure risk-free integration.  And dozens of video management, access control and video analytics applications from the security industry’s leading vendors and up-and-comers go a significant step further, available on preloaded media kits for rapid, uncomplicated and trouble free installation.

Key to our success is our patented Video and Data Management & Retention™ (VDMR™) technology suite, built into all our products.  VDMR™ includes:

  • The Video System Administrator (VSA) console is a simple but powerful management screen, viewable from any IP-accessible device, and that operates the entire appliance system, whether for 1 or for 1,000s of cameras.  The VSA operates invisibly, behind the scenes, but is always available if needed to the system operator.
  • VSA Multi-Mode enables a single appliance to provide two to four application servers for the customer’s choice of security application, each running standard Microsoft Windows 7®, Server 2003 or Server 2008.   Eliminates the need for multiple commodity servers and their cost, complexity and energy consumption.
  • VSA Video Surveillance Optimization smoothes video streaming from multiple cameras for efficient long-term recording and playback, without risk of frame loss.   It also reduces the total amount of storage needed, and eliminates the need for system shutdowns for maintenance and defragmentation.
  • VSA Storage Manager manages and monitors the appliance, providing advanced RAID protection for no video loss and hot-swap components for non-stop operation, and allowing additional capacity to be added without rewiring or halting operations.  Automatic alerting means the system can be left unattended for truly hands-free operation.
  • VSA Energy Manager provides long-term video storage while reducing energy consumption typically by 40 to 70%.
  • VSA Tiered Availability lets customers deploy a single appliance solution that offers Standard, Fault Resilient and High Availability configurations.
  • VSA Traffic Manager eliminates the complexity of separate camera, management / viewing and storage networks.
  • VSA System Center lets a user operate and monitor one or multiple appliances as a single, easy to use device.

Together, these and other VDMR™ features make the system operation truly simple.

Intransa VideoAppliance™ is available in two distinct product families, which share the benefits of VDMR™ technology. 

Maximum Simplicity

  • Maximum Simplicity Server/Storage Appliances are all-in-one platforms, available in either entry-level deskside or even more expandable rack mount footprints. 
  • Feature built in servers, capable of hosting typical workloads of 1 to 120 IP cameras (depending upon CODEC and other features selected) for video surveillance and analytics need. 
  • Ideal for retail stores, restaurants, professional offices, schools, police departments, various distributed security applications, and many other environments.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Maximum Flexibility platforms are a two-part Server Appliance and Storage Appliance solution.    Like Maximum Simplicity Server/Storage Appliances, the Server Appliance family is available with the customer’s choice of physical security applications, and individual appliances can support from 1 to 154 IP cameras in a typical workload.  But because of their two-part format, they can grow modularly as needed to support a few to several thousand cameras. 
  • That’s why Maximum Flexibility platforms have been deployed in so many municipal and utility infrastructure protection projects, airports, ports, shopping malls, office and school campuses, casinos, correctional facilities, housing authorities, and many other growing, demanding environments.

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