A Small Cable Makes a...

Big Difference!

Space-saving solutions from Panduit free up valuable real estate in the telecommunications room, allowing you to deploy more systems and services in the same footprint.

Network Cabling: 28AWG and 26AWG offerings in horizontal cable and patch cords offer Category 6A and Category 6 performance in an industry-leading cable diameter that allows more cables to route in the same space.

Network Infrastructure: High density patch panel options allow you to pack more connections into the same rack space, and angled panels easily route cables to the side, eliminating the need for horizontal cable management.

Racks and Cable Management: A variety of features make Panduit’s vertical cable management, horizontal cable management, and rack solutions ideal for any telecomm room. High-capacity vertical cable managers include the option of mounting patch panels within the cable manager, freeing up valuable rack space for critical equipment.


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