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Contractor Focused Training Events



 2015 Corning See the Light National Webinar Event Series 

Event Date

EST Time

Event Topic

June 11, 2015 2-3pm

EDGE Family Overview (English)

June 25, 2015 2-3pm

Informacion General de las Familia

EDGE (Spanish)

August 18, 2015 2-3pm

Introducing EDGE 8 (Base 8)













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Live Webinar Series


May 21, 2015

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

Understanding Your Options for 40G/100G

Migration (1 BICSI CEC)

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May 28, 2015

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT

Zone Approach for IT Infrastructure Management Register Now




Recorded Webinars

Perform Beyond Expectations Using BICSI Products

Speakers include: 

  • Bob Hertling, RCDD, OSP, Parsons Engineering and BICSI TI&M Vice Chair -- Update on Publications & Manuals 
  • Todd Taylor, RCDD, OSP, NTS Director of Low Voltage/IT Design for Enfinity Engineering, LLC and Chair of BICSI’s Standards’ Committee -- Update on Standards Development 
  • Gail Moore-Swaby, BICSI VP of Professional Development, BICSI -- Update on Professional Development & Training 

Topics discussed: 

  • BICSI’s role in our industry 
  • Credentialing update 
  • Update on BICSI publications,  manuals and standards 
  • Update on professional development and training 

Perform Beyond Expectations using BICSI products. View the recorded webinar today.


Berk-Tek Webinar: 40G Infrastructure Secrets


June3BannerAd 470x214 v1
Who: Mike Connaughton, Manager, Data center Market 
What - 40G Infrastructure Secrets Webcast
The presentation will cover: 
·         Market trends leading to the need for 40G 
·         Impact of 40G on Data Center Architectures, including Top of Rack and End of Row run distances 
·         Infrastructure options to address needed speeds 
·         Cost implications of these options 
·         IEEE Power budget requirements for 40G 
·         Presentation of DCCC Link Loss research and modeling 
·         Launch of Link Loss Calculator 
·         Option for greatest flexibility & performance (GIGAlite-10XB) 
·         Option to maximize rack  &pathway space (MDP)  

Click here to view

Berk-Tek Webinar: The Need for Extreme Wireless Speed


BannerAdAFTER 360x216 AccuTech

With wireless traffic doubling on an annual basis, BYOD becoming more accepted, and the acceleration in application growth and bandwidth consumption, the demand and benefits for faster wireless networking technology is quickly becoming realized.

The Berk-Tek Webinar: The Need for Extreme Wireless Speed will explain the applications driving the rapidly growing need for higher speed Wireless LANs and more. Plus, we’ll discuss all that you’ll need to do to prepare for the evolution of wireless LANs. Details to be discussed include:

  • Impact of the “Internet of Things” on Wireless LAN networks
  • New wireless applications in medicine, enterprise, education, and manufacturing
  • Wireless standards evolution
  • Deploying the wired network to manage the support of wireless using
    • Traditional topology and deployment
    • Direct Attach: AP versus typical cell deployment
    • Link Aggregation: Increasing capacity to manage the flood

 Now you can access the recorded event at any time. Click here to view. 


Berk-Tek Webinar: Achieving Maximum Performance for Voice, Data & Power in the Real World 

AccuTech banner PostMarch27Webcast

As more devices and applications join the IP world, dBs alone are no longer the best measure of network performance.

Network performance metrics must now use application-specific tests and measures to ensure that ALL the services being provided are well delivered.

The Berk-Tek Webinar: Achieving Maximum Performance for Voice, Data & Power in the Real World will explain what these measures are and why they are significant for your network. Details to be discussed include:

  • Impact of PoE on network performance
  • MOS as a VoIP performance metric
  • Frame Error Rate vs. Bit Error Rate testing
  • MLR as a Video performance metric

Watch the recorded webinar now.