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Enterprise Solutions

Facilities and IT management have long acknowledge that the use of multiple infrastructures within the enterprise, comprised of components from any number of infrastructure vendors and installers, adds undue complexity to the buying and specifying process, as well as to the updating and management of the infrastructure. Adding to this complexity is the fact that most infrastructure vendors are unable to provide both high-value legacy cabling solutions for autonomous systems and high-performance IP-based solutions.

Unlike other infrastructure vendors, Belden tackles these problems by taking a universal approach to the enterprise – resolving every signal transmission need with IP- and legacy-based solutions that enable a smooth migration to convergence. Belden's solutions include:

  • High-bandwidth, high-density copper and fiber network infrastructure systems

  • Professional and commercial-level audio/visual and entertainment cabling systems

  • Security, control and alarm solutions for building automation and physical security applications

  • Racks, enclosures and cable management systems

Outstanding global service and support capabilities and application-specific warranty programs complete Belden's unique solutions offering.

Belden's Holistic Approach To The Data Center

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Typically, there are three major efficiency issues within the Data Center: the need to efficiently cool the IT load, manage the use of power and optimize the use of available space. The end goal is to increase density of bandwidth by maximizing processing capacity while minimizing the Data Center's footprint and reduce operational costs. The challenge is that these efficiencies tend to work against each other. Because these three issues are directly interrelated, complications can arise from each system being manufactured, installed and supported by different vendors. That's why a universal approach, like the one Belden offers, is so important.

Belden solutions effectively deal with the cooling, power and density paradox at the rack/enclosure level with air flow, power distribution and power and climate monitoring devices that effectively contend with high density computing environments and with high-density racks, enclosures, cabling system components and cable management solutions that help offset the cooling-power dilemma.

The Data Center Solution

Belden Data Center

(A) Entrance/Telecommunications Room: The entrance room of the Data Center is the location for access provider equipment, demarcation points and interface with other campus locations. The TIA-942 standard recommends locating the entrance room outside of the computer room for security purposes.

(B) Zone Distribution Area: The optional ZDA acts as a consolidation point within the horizontal cabling run between the HDA and Equipment Distribution Area. The ZDA allows frequent reconfiguration and provides additional flexibility.

(C) Main Distribution Area & Horizontal Distribution Area: The MDA houses the main cross connect and the core routers and switches. The HDA houses cross-connects and active equipment (switches) for  connecting to the equipment distribution area and storage area network (SAN). Per the TIA-942 standard, both the MDA and HDA require separate racks for fiber, UTP and coax cable.

(D) Equipment Distribution Area: The EDA is where equipment enclosures and racks house the servers and where the horizontal cabling from the HDA is terminated at patch panels. In the EDA, racks and cabinets should be arranged in a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration along with airflow systems that maintain proper separation of supply (cold) and exhaust (hot) air. Belden offers a variety of products for the EDA, including high-end freestanding enclosures that help provide optimal airflow and ease of management.

(E) Storage Area Network: The SAN houses all data storage devices such as disk arrays, tape libraries and high-capacity optical disk libraries for applications like video surveillance. The use of a separate SAN eliminates the need to store data directly on servers, which provides better network capacity. Access to stored data must be fast, requiring high-speed connections from the HDA.

(F) Backbone Cabling & Horizontal Cabling: The backbone cabling within the Data Center provides the critical connections between the entrance room, MDA and HDA. The backbone cabling in many of today’s Data Centers supports 10 Gigabit transmission speeds for current and future applications. The horizontal cabling within the Data Center provides the connection between the HDA and EDA and SAN, including the optional ZDA.

(G) Support Offices and Open Areas: Whether it’s cubicles, conference rooms, hallways or cafeterias, there are many areas throughout a facility or campus where people conduct day-to-day activities. From wired and wireless voice and data systems to fire alarm and security surveillance, Belden offers a variety of products that deliver these systems to where it matters most.

Product Spotlight: Cabling

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Cables for Integrated Automation Systems

Communication and Control Cables – suitable for a wide range of applications, including security systems, pro audio, sound and intercom systems, annunciators, power-limited controls, and more.

Cables for Electronic Safety and Security Systems

Access Control Banana Peel® Cables – suitable for a wide range of security and access control applications, including security control panels, junction boxes, door control, lock power systems, REX and card reader systems. The Composite Shielded Multi-conductor cables are available in CM FT6 Rated and CMP/CMG Rated versions.

Security and Surveillance CCTV Cables – suitable for a wide range of facility monitoring, security and asset protection applications, including closed-circuit television (CCTV), CCTV plus audio or power, CCTV pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera control, and card reader/sensor systems.

Banana Peel PTZ Composite Cables– consisting of RG-59/U coax, twisted pair and multi-conductor cables, are ideal for CCTV plus audio or power, and PTZ CCTV camera control applications. Available in CMR/CMG FT4 Rated and CMP FT6 Rated versions. All feature Belden’s unique Banana Peel jacketless construction, which provides fast, easy installation.

UTP CCTV Surveillance Cables – suitable for UTP-CCTV, PTZ cameras, video over twisted pairs, 110BaseTX, AES/EBU, digital video, and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Selection includes: Composite Unshielded Multi-conductor Category 5e cables in round or Siamese construction and in CMR/CMG FT4 and CMP Rated versions Unshielded Twisted Pair Category 5e and Cat 6 cables in CM FT1 Rated, CMR Rated, or CMP FT6 Rated versions.

Fire Alarm Cables – approved by NEC/CEC and California State Fire Marshall for commercial fire alarms, monitoring and detection systems, audio, control and notification circuits.

Safe-T-Line Circuit Integrity (CI) & Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC) Cables– fully meet the NEC’s 2-Hour Fire Alarm Survivability requirements in ½-inch conduits. The CI & CIC cable is made with a flame-retardant silicone rubber insulation and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket to ensure continuous operation of a building’s EVAC (Emergency Voice-Alarm Communications) systems in the event of fire, allowing occupants time to evacuate. Selections includes FPLR-CIC Rated Unshielded and Shielded Multi-conductor cables and FPLR-CI Rated Unshielded and Shielded Multi-conductor cables.

Cables for HVAC Systems

Thermostat and Control Cable – Overall Shielded Twisted Pairs in stranded or solid conductor versions, available in CMR/CMG FT 4 Rated and CMP FT6 Rated versions.

Cables for Communications Systems

Audio Cable for Nurse Call Stations – suitable for nurse call stations, annunciators, paging and other voice systems. Available in Unshielded Pairs or Multi-conductor, CM Rated or CMP Rated.

Cables for Audio Systems

Audio Cables – suitable for commercial sound/audio systems such as intercom and public address systems and fire alarm systems (Red only).

Speaker Cables – suitable for commercial sound/audio systems such as intercom and public address systems, security systems, power-limited controls and single-line telephones. Selection includes: Unshielded Multi-conductor, CMR/CMG FT4 or CL3R Rated High Strand Unshielded High-Flex and High-Purity Multi-conductor, CM, CL3 or CL2 Rated.

Cables for Video Systems

Coaxial Cables – suitable for CATV and MATV applications, commercial or Schlage Systems are available in CM FT1 Rated and CMP FT6 Rated versions with various shielding and jacketing options. Limited Combustible Coax cables (FHC 25/50 CMP Rated) are available in RG-59/U and RG-6/U Types and are well-suited for CCTV and video security applications.

New Generation Packaging Options Belden UnReel® Dispenser – Several of the New Generation cable products are available in Belden’s UnReel cardboard dispenser. The UnReel Dispenser is an economical, lightweight package and dispensing system that comes complete with carrying handle for easy handling at job sites. UnReel cables pay out smoothly and evenly, without kinking, speeding up installation and saving time and labor compared to spooled cables.

Belcoil Package – Several New Generation cable products are available in Belden’s convenient and easy-to-use, Belcoil package. These revolutionary, densely-packed coiled packages assure uniform pallet loading, space efficiency on shelves or trucks, easy tangle-free dispensing, less waste and clean-up.