LazrSPEED® Wideband Multimode Fiber 


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Wideband Multimode Fiber - What Is It, And Why Does It Make Sense? 

LazrSPEED® Wideband Multimode Fiber (WBMMF) cabling solution is the workhorse media of local area network (LAN) backbones and data centers because it offers the lowest cost means of transporting high data rates for distances aligned with the needs of these environments. Extraordinary rates of data transmission are created with parallel transmission over multiple strands of fiber. While this method is simple and effective, continuation of this trend drives higher cost into the cabling system. 

LazrSPEED WBMMF enables at least a four-fold increase in data rate by multiplying data rates via wavelengths. This ensures not only more efficient support for future applications to useful distances, but also complete compatibility with legacy applications. This makes LazrSPEED WBMMF an ideal universal medium that supports not only the applications of the present, but also those of the future

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