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B-Line by Eaton is a global provider of innovative, labor-saving support systems and enclosure solutions for engineered facility subsystem applications and operating facilities across the globe. Our products are used in a variety of settings for the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets.

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Sometimes conveying just how easy and flexible the B-Line by Eaton Flextray™ System is can be difficult. That's why we've developed the new B-Line by Eaton Flextray Installation video to explain step by step how to install the Flextray System. The video is available here as a complete full-length video; or divided into eight sections, so customers can easily review and learn at their own pace.
B-Line by Eaton is helping to decrease cost and engineering complexity by reducing the number of structural steel supports needed for cable ladder systems in heavy industrial environments. Through extensive laboratory testing, Eaton's B-Line Business has determined that its metallic cable ladder systems are able to be supported by fewer structural steel supports than are typically applied in heavy industrial environments.




Data Center Solutions

Eaton's B-Line Business is your one-stop resource for support systems and enclosures in all mechanical, electrical and communications subsystems in an enterprise network or data center. B-Line’s unmatched depth and breadth of data center infrastructure solutions allows you to maximize your design choices. We support IT and data center managers, facility managers, engineers, contractors, and other data center and IT professionals with industry leading structural, electrical, and datacom support system and enclosure solutions.

If you are designing, constructing or upgrading a data center project or facility, partner with the leading manufacturer of support systems and enclosures in the industry: B-Line by Eaton.

  • Unmatched breadth of support systems and enclosure products
  • Industry leading commitment to service excellence
  • Strong library of design and specification tools
  • Innovative, labor saving product solutions
  • American-made products to help meet domestic sourcing requirements

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B-Line Products
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Bolted Framing (Strut Systems)

As the largest manufacturer of Bolted Framing and Strut Support Systems, Cooper B-Line provides an economical solution for virtually any electrical, mechanical and industrial support application.

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Cabinets & Electronic Enclosures

Cooper B-Line offers a wide range of Cabinets, Enclosures and Accessories designed to house structured cabling systems as well as active equipment such as servers used in comm/data and telecommunications applications 

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Cable Tray Systems & Supports / Cable Management

Cooper B-Line offers one of the widest ranges of cable tray available in the market today, including  products such as metallic and non-metallic/fiberglass cable tray, cable management, Cent-R-Rail center spine trays, Flextray wire basket systems, and cable fixing.

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Comm/Data Equipment Supports

As a leading manufacturer of support systems and enclosures for voice/data/video (VDV) communications systems, Cooper B-Line products protect your critical network infrastructure and route cabling throughout your facility.

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Electrical Enclosures & Wireway

Cooper B-Line offers customers easy ways to select enclosure solutions, and deliver them when they need them. From standard stock to modified or custom, we offer a complete line of Industrial and Commercial enclosure solutions.

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Electrical Rough In Pre-Fab System from Ruff-IN

Cooper B-Line electrical pre-fab assemblies provide virtually every product and solution for your electrical rough in project. Learn how Cooper B-Line Ruff-IN systems can make you more competitive.

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Fasteners & Fixing Systems

Cooper B-Line offers fasteners and fixing systems for attachment to wall studs, conduit and cable, beams, purlins, channel and acoustical tee.

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Meter Mounting Equipment

Approved by the Electric Utility Service Equipment Requirements Committee (EUSERC), Cooper B-Line offers a comprehensive line of Meter Mounting Devices and Distribution Equipment, including Circle AW products.

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Pipe Hangers & Mechanical Supports

Cooper B-Line is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of metal products used in the support of Pipe Hangers and Support Equipment for industrial, commercial, utility and HVACR applications.

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Railcar Products

Cooper B-Line GRIP STRUT running boards, brake steps and end platforms are designed specifically for railcars.  Our unique design provides one of the safest, skid-resistant walking surfaces available in the industry today.

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Safety Gratings

Backed by world-class engineering resources, Cooper B-Line supplies grating solutions for projects from professional sports stadiums to railcar platforms to warehouse mezzanines to hospital rooftop walkways.

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Seismic Bracing

Since 1965, Cooper B-Line’s TOLCO™ seismic bracing has led the industry with patented labor-saving seismic bracing products for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection trades.