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Corning offers a broad range of end-to-end fiber optic and copper product solutions for customers' telecommunications networks. Our customer-focused solutions include cables, connectors, and related hardware, and network services that include network design, project management, installation and maintenance, equipment rental and training programs.

What's New: New Product Drawings Resource Center Launch

The new Product Drawings Resource Center has been released.  The site has been revised to be more user friendly and drawings have been reviewed for accuracy and updates. Core hardware product drawings are available in AutoCAD® (.dxf), PDF (Adobe® Acrobat®), Visio® Stencil (.vss) and  Building Information Models (BIM) for Revit® Software file formats.

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What's New: LANscape Solutions Bill-of-Materials Tool Update

Our BOM Tool makes building a LAN or data center bill-of-material as easy as point and click! Our latest version of the tool has enhanced functionality and product selection.

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Your data center is a mission critical component in your network. Responsible for managing, storing and protecting the network’s core operational data and running many of the applications essential to its success, 24x7 data center connectivity is not simply a nicety, it is a necessity.Corning fiber optic solutions for data centers and SANs ensure your data center is ready for your needs today, as well as tomorrow.

Corning's fiber optic Plug & Play™ Universal System components provide the ultimate in scalability, functionality and reliability, while our Pretium EDGE® Solutions offer faster installation times and MACs, as well as 100 percent more density than traditional preterminated systems.

5 Things You Should Know About Fiber Optics in the Data Center

  • No other media can provide more bandwidth for your high-performance networks.
  • Optical fiber is immune to EMI/RFI and alien cross-talk issues.
  • Optical fiber will seamlessly migrate to 10, 40 and 100G Ethernet, providing a future-proofed data center infrastructure.
  • Server and switch electronics that use optics require less power to operate than comparable copper products, improving the environmental impact of your data center.
  • Optical cable and hardware can offer dramatic space savings, important when data center real estate is at a premium.

Corning Pretium Solutions Data Center Design Guide

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The way you think about outside plant cable is about to change.

Below are links to product specifications, installation instructions and other interesting facts about this exciting innovation in outside plant technology.

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