Corning Pigtailed Cassettes

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Corning’s innovative CCH Hardware line has been a great hit with a ton of positive feedback since its launch in 2013.  The addition of splice capability was a request that came out of voice of customer and was a major driver during development. The final component of this successful launch, that excites many to this day is the introduction of the CCH Pigtailed Cassette.  

CCH Pigtailed Cassettes

CCH pigtailed splice cassettes enable faster field splicing and easy modular management of connectorization within the housing. The pigtailed cassette is the standard CCH splice cassette pre-loaded with factory-terminated pigtails and the CCH connector panel.  So instead of ordering the splice cassette, connector panel, pigtails and heat shrinks separately, everything comes preloaded and contains all the mounting hardware and accessories needed.

The pigtailed cassette eliminates the need for individual splice trays or separate splice housings as well as allowing splicing to be done away from the rack housing in a suitable workspace as needed. The modular design makes it easy to access the fiber in an individual cassette without disturbing other fibers in the housing. 

In addition, pigtailed cassettes come routed with 250 micron fiber at the splice tray which allows the installer to splice 250 micron to 250 micron fiber.  This enables the best splicer alignment and estimation technology in the market today.  The installer can simply load their incoming cable, splice, and go.   

Watch the video below to learn more about the many qualifications of the CCH Pigtail Cassette: 

Features and Benefits of the NEW CCH Pigtail Cassette: 




With the CCH Pigtailed Cassette,  overall installations will be 60-75% faster, labor costs will be reduced by up to 50% and variable costs due to rework and errors will be reduced dramatically.  And of course, there’s tremendous comfort and value from having a Corning factory-terminated solution.  

Check out the video below for an example of how easy it is to use! 

Prepping and Routing the CCH Pigtailed Splice  Cassette


Corning Pigtailed Cassettes:

  • Available
  • Compatible
  • Easy!

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