Eaton's B-Line Series Solutions

Eaton is a global provider of innovative, labor-saving support systems and enclosure solutions for engineered facility subsystem applications and operating facilities across the globe. Eaton's B-Line series solutions are used in a variety of settings for the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets.


Watch the videos below to learn more about the innovative B-Line Rack 4Dimension™ Strut System:

Eaton's B-Line Business 4Dimension™ strut system changes how installers build and install support systems for electrical,  mechanical, plumbing, data centers, and HVAC in new and retrofit commercial and industrial applications. It's unique and different from the traditional 1 5/8" strut because you actually have four side functionality.
These revolutionary strut profile designs and innovative accessories help installers compress project schedules and cut costs without sacrificing load while increasing configuration flexibility.

With four-sided functionality, the 4Dimension strut system delivers up to 50% savings on materials and installation time.


Data Center Solutions


B-Line J-Hook Color ID Clips are ideal for use in data centers and light-duty commercial cable management applications where there is a need for color designation.  Ideal for new and retro-fit applications, these simple solutions are designed to snap onto existing B-Line J-Hook products allowing installers and inspectors to verify that cables are running in their correct, designated pathways. Click here to learn more.

data center bline eaton

Eaton's B-Line Business is your one-stop resource for support systems and enclosures in all mechanical, electrical and communications subsystems in an enterprise network or data center. B-Line’s unmatched depth and breadth of data center infrastructure solutions allows you to maximize your design choices. We support IT and data center managers, facility managers, engineers, contractors, and other data center and IT professionals with industry leading structural, electrical, and datacom support system and enclosure solutions.

If you are designing, constructing or upgrading a data center project or facility, partner with the leading manufacturer of support systems and enclosures in the industry:  Eaton's B-Line Series Solutions.

  • Unmatched breadth of support systems and enclosure products
  • Industry leading commitment to service excellence
  • Strong library of design and specification tools
  • Innovative, labor saving product solutions
  • American-made products to help meet domestic sourcing requirements