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Efficiently powering IP devices through PoE and PoE+ protocols designed to handle continuous power over time

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Supporting short length channels and links in data centers


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Bandwidth beyond 10G, verified and third party tested for transmission and performance beyond TIA-568C requirements


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 No space constraints, backward compatible, component compliant


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Eliminating Alien Cross Talk (AXT), EMI and security issues





Screen shot 2014 03 17 at 11.33.02 AMThe category of cabling has an effect on energy efficiency. Installing a Category 6A cabling infrastructure over a lower rated cabling infrastructure will have a direct impact on the bottom line for power consumption. It comes down to efficiency. Power loss combined with increased heat generation will escalate operating costs.

  • Connecting hardware and cable designed and qualified to support IEEE PoE+ levels on all four pairs
  • Improves equipment efficiency by reducing current and power levels for transceiver electronics
  • Lower energy consumption to power the same application (higher efficiency)
  • Lower cooling needs to overcome heat build-up in the cables
  • Lower capacity/cost for power supplies and backup systems
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Short Link

short link by hubbellData center deployments pose unique cabling infrastructure challenges. Up to 30% of cabling installations (or deployments) are 10 meters or less, while enterprise applications have typical link lengths of 50 to 60 meters. Short length links may generate marginal results across key performance parameters that can compromise network performance.

  • System exceeds all Category 6A specifications
  • Resolves design issues that limit distance and performance
  • Cutting edge enhanced common mode design and AXT elimination techniques allow the Category 6A system to support connections between 1 and 100 meters apart, based on practical real world channel configurations
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Performance Copper

hubbell connectorsCopper cabling transmission speeds have progressed from 10Mbps, to 100Mbps, to 1Gbps, to 10Gbps, and beyond. To support today’s content delivery data rate of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), a higher performance Category 6A copper cabling system is a necessity.

  • Category 6A connectivity has been tested against the most stringent limits, exceeding the TIA and ISO standards
  • HJ6A’s worst case NEXT of 40dB at 500MHz has more than 7.5dB better than the minimum standard
  • System NEXT performance exceeds the highest proposed industry standards by 3dB at 500MHz and performs to an extended limit clear out to 750MHz
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Performance Fiber

hubbell fiber 10 gigHigh speed core data center equipment for SAN, LAN, and WAN deployments have evolved to new applications using advanced laser-based fiber transceivers and high performance fiber cabling. Interconnecting the optical core with high bandwidth laser optimized multimode, and single-mode fiber infrastructure advances the equipment distribution area (EDA) network to new levels. The Hubbell fiber channel solution delivers the bandwidth and reliability needed for any Mission Critical fiber optic network.

  • Premium optical fiber exceeds all TIA-492, IEEE 802.3, Telcordia and ICEA standards
  • High quality PROclick® no-polish field termination connectors reduce installation labor
  • Advanced MPO connectivity solutions assure seamless migration to future 40G and 100G applications, in a high density space-saving footprint
  • High reliability pre-terminated cable assemblies are custom made to order and 100% factory tested with fast delivery for rapid deployment
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hubbell high densityToday's complex IT environment is about empowering your entire enterprise through increased productivity, improved customer response and reduced cost of ownership. It’s about leveraging new technologies for a competitive advantage, being more agile while preparing for whatever comes next. Hubbell offers a comprehensive infrastructure solution with one objective—evolving your network to empower your enterprise.

  • Standards component based performance provides seamless open architecture
  • Designed and developed to maximize cabling system performance without sacrificing reliability
  • Third-party verified components
  • Hubbell 10G systems are designed to support emerging technologies
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Alien Cross Talk

cabling testingAlien crosstalk (AXT) is a critical electrical parameter limiting the performance of 10G. As the signal from one channel couples into adjacent channels, AXT occurs throughout the entire channel in neighboring cables, patch cords, jacks and patch panel ports. Extending the frequency range out to 500 MHz and defining this critical performance parameter was the basis for the Category 6A standard to support 10GBASE-T.

  • Superior noise suppression
  • Unique inner jacket to suppress AXT, ensuring maximum transmission quality and minimum bit error rate (BER)
  • Standard 110 terminations with no specialized equipment
  • Traditional cable installation in runs of 1 to 100 meters
  • Qualified active transmission under adverse EMI conditions
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Data centers are the very core of modern business environments, supporting all the applications needed to maintain daily communications, transactions, and critical storage and retrieval of information. For years, data center managers considered power and data infrastructures as two separate entities. Today's emerging applications require faster transmission speed and increased power consumption. As a result, there is now a tremendous need for holistic data center solutions that address both power and data while supporting sustainability through energy efficiency, space utilization, reliability, and uptime.

From the building power source to the cabinet to the work station, Hubbell Wiring Systems has the reliable power and data solutions needed to deliver efficient power, transport critical data, support the latest networking applications and effectively manage high-density equipment to ensure data center sustainability.


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