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Data centers are the very core of modern business environments, supporting all the applications needed to maintain daily communications, transactions, and critical storage and retrieval of information. For years, data center managers considered power and data infrastructures as two separate entities. Today's emerging applications require faster transmission speed and increased power consumption. As a result, there is now a tremendous need for holistic data center solutions that address both power and data while supporting sustainability through energy efficiency, space utilization, reliability, and uptime.

From the building power source to the cabinet to the work station, Hubbell Wiring Systems has the reliable power and data solutions needed to deliver efficient power, transport critical data, support the latest networking applications and effectively manage high-density equipment to ensure data center sustainability.


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Offering an array of electrical and electronic wiring devices, wire management systems, occupancy sensors and specialized wiring products for the marine and healthcare markets, Hubbell Electrical Systems have a huge catalogue of products, functionalities and solutions to tailor to any project. A comprehensive source of electrical boxes, fittings and enclosures for a variety of world-wide markets including harsh / hazardous location, commercial and residential markets. Innovative solutions for high voltage power supplies and test equipment, heavy duty cable management, industrial, outdoor and hazardous location communications equipment.


HyperLink Server Cabinet
Hubbell's H2 server cabinets offer the latest in high quality construction and design, featuring a static load rating of up to 2000 pounds. Hubbell Server Cabinets provide a solid solution for any server, storage or computer equipment environment.
HyperLink Network Cabinets
Hubbell’s H2 network cabinets provide a solid solution for housing panels and managing large amounts of cable, combining a static load rating of up to 2,000 pounds with fully welded steel construction.
HyperLink OptiChannel HFCD19 Series Indoor/Outdoor Armored Tight Buffer Fiber Cable
The HFCD19 Series Armored Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffer Cables offer a rugged, universal solution for campus networks. Plenum and riser ratings allow full deployment into the building backbone and horizontal spaces.