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Hubbell Data Center Solutions

Data centers are the very core of modern business environments, supporting all the applications needed to maintain daily communications, transactions, and critical storage and retrieval of information. For years, data center managers considered power and data infrastructures as two separate entities. Today's emerging applications require faster transmission speed and increased power consumption. As a result, there is now a tremendous need for holistic data center solutions that address both power and data while supporting sustainability through energy efficiency, space utilization, reliability, and uptime.

From the building power source to the cabinet to the work station, Hubbell Wiring Systems has the reliable power and data solutions needed to deliver efficient power, transport critical data, support the latest networking applications and effectively manage high-density equipment to ensure data center sustainability.


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Lighting & Security Solutions

Hubbell Lighting is a manufacturer of commercial lighting products where our primary focus is catering to the needs of "national account" chain stores in the restaurant, oil/convenience, hospitality, self-storage, and retail industries.

Our sales/marketing concept is based on a "customer first" approach providing you the opportunity to communicate with our factory sales force and experience a level of service second to none in the lighting industry today.

You can choose from our extensive outdoor product line for any of your lighting requirements whether you are in the market for site or area roadway luminaires, exterior wall/building lighting, or landscape lighting. We also offer a comprehensive selection of interior lighting including fluorescent troffers, parabolics, downlights, and emergency/exit lighting.

Lighting Solutions for National Accounts:

  • Restaurant
  • Developer
  • Retail
  • Hospitality


National Account Lighting Solutions
Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lighting:

  • Decorative
  • Ambient
  • Accent
  • Emergency/Exit

Self-Storage Lighting:

  • Parking Lot, Pole, & Driveway
  • Building & Drive Path
  • Landscape
  • Hallway/Unit
  • Offic/Retail Area
  • Emergency/Exit
  • Manager's Apartment
Self-Storage Lighting
Retail Petroleum Lighting


  • Decorative
  • Ambient
  • Accent
  • Emergency/Exit


  • Canopy
  • Area
  • Wall Mount
  • Floods
  • Bollards
  • Poles



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