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With an IoT-ready building design, the cost of system integration is greatly diminished, new hardware requirements are minimal and leading-edge apps and web-based software are becoming the norm. Employing IoT creates more functional buildings, higher efficiency and a better workspace to educate, innovate and produceLegrand can help you create an environment built upon the strength of the Internet of Things. Want to learn more? Click here to download the IoT Application Guide, and click here to download the IoT White Paper. 

nCompass Systems

To overcome the challenges of an ever-changing technology landscape, Legrand and Superior Essex have combined their leading industry expertise to create nCompass, a suite of high-performing copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems. Built upon commitment and innovation, nCompass systems are comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of networks that require greater support, reliability, energy efficiency, and flexibility.

Mighty Mo 20

Infinium Fiber

Clarity High Density Copper

Mighty Mo 20 Enclosures

Legrand MM20

Continuing to innovate and improve on past technological achievements is essential for today's industry data center leaders. Legrand has once again displayed their authority in this area with the introduction of the latest Mighty Mo 20 rack cabinet.

Arguably the two biggest challenges to growing data centers today are the increasing needs for bandwidth and ways to cool down data center equipment. Even with the growing use of single-mode fiber to handle data transmissions, higher densities are still a must-have. The growing number of users on data services, a trend of moving information to the cloud and business models that are reliant on technological processes have ensured a continued transition to bigger better data centers for decades to come.

Whether a data center is built new or subject to MAC (moves adds and changes) work, Legrand has designed a solution which is able to accomodate any data centers needs. By taking a holistic approach to data center design, Legrand has addressed cooling, organizational management, protection and connectivity needs in addition to the main purpose of the rack cabinet - infrastructure. Highlights for the Mighty Mo 20 include:

  • More than 3 times as many rack choices
  • Channel and 4-post versions up to 9' 
  • 2" deeper fingers for higher density networks
  • Bend limiting clips provide 180 degrees protection
  • Deeper vertical managers with up to 40% more room
  • Channel rack depths up to 30" for improved capacity
  • Improved hex pattern on all channel racks
  • Larger vertical managers reduce cable obstruction