Healthcare IT Infrastructure

A Reliable Network is Mission Critical

Network infrastructure should seamlessly connect staff, medical equipment and patient information systems. Whether 2 p.m. or 3 a.m., patients' lives depend on that connectivity.

Industry experts say the most critical IT responsibility for health care CIOs is maintaining a robust, reliable, and secure infrastructure that:

  • Connects caregivers, researchers and educators so patients get the best care
  • Delivers more information on-demand at the point-of-care
  • Minimizes barriers to entry for caregivers while maintaining HIPAA compliance
    and patient trust





White Paper: Healthcare IT Infrastructure
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Learn how health care facilities can manage the daunting challenges managing information and planning for network growth.

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Hospitals and other health care providers increasingly rely on networked electronics to maintain data, patient records, and medical information. More than ever, health care infrastructures are burdened by exploding data storage, stringent security regulations and ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. This white paper provides:

  • Key insight and strategy for not only meeting today's data requirements,
    but those on the evolving horizon as well
  • Network drivers in medical applications
  • Standardization for the healthcare environment
  • Best practices for the future

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