HD FLEX™ 2.0:  The Power of Innovation


Panduit proudly announces the latest, ground breaking evolution of the HD Flex fiber cabling system engineered to help Data Centers:

  • Amplify space and minimize costs
  • Gain ultimate freedom and flexibility to use anywhere
  • Simplify deployment
  • Minimize disruptions
  • Streamline migrations - Highly agile and scalable
  • Support fiber infrastructure today and into the future

Reshaping the Traditional High-Density Fiber Enclosure

The system marries a high-density enclosure to optimize data center space, with innovative cable management, making the HD Flex Fiber Cabling System the most serviceable and manageable on the market today.

  • Easy access to connections from front or rear of cabinet.
  • Each half of the split tray operates independently, minimizing disruptions.
  • Allows easy access to connections on rear of enclosure, with cables routed to the side instead of the back.

Accessibility = Serviceability = Flexibility

Cassettes install easily from the front or the back to speed serviceability and deployment. The lift-out design of the cassettes means patch cords can stay in place, limiting disruptions. The unique split tray feature allows each half of the tray to be pulled out independently, decreasing the likelihood that connections will be disrupted.


 Deploy a comprehensive system with NO LIMITATIONS for peace of mind, greater performance and ROI!

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HD Flex Fiber Cabling System Overview

Learn how Panduit’s HD Flex Fiber Cabling System provides the density your data center requires, with innovative features that simplify fiber management. 




Simplify Fiber Cable Management with HD Flex

See how the HD Flex Fiber Cabling System makes any high-density fiber infrastructure easier to install and manage. 



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