Healthcare enterprise solutions you can depend on.

Life-changing decisions are made every day in healthcare facilities.  Superior patient care is dependent on the ability of healthcare providers to make important decisions quickly and without error. A high-performance physical infrastructure can help you feel confident that the technology you are using is reliable and available when needed.

Connected buildings help support the convergence of healthcare facilities and campuses. 

With the convergence of medical devices and patient record systems, along with the consolidation of building systems, there is an increased need for standardization on a common IT platform to ensure control, visibility, management and security of critical systems data and clinical applications.

Panduit is here to help.

Panduit's Enterprise solutions simplify integration of the physical infrastructure to the IP-based building systems, helping to reduce errors and lower costs — and ultimately improve patient satisfaction. Healthcare providers can leverage a connected building that enables their facilities to support medical advances and patient services and benefit from:

  • Automated processes and improved database applications
  • Advanced clinical applications due to upgraded network bandwidth
  • Secure and protected patient records in accordance with regulatory compliance
  • Power-management practices for building systems, which reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs
Accu-Tech and Panduit offer products to support your healthcare facilities and campuses including: 


Panduit in the Data Center.

Panduit's Data Center infrastructure solutions drive performance, efficiencies, and maximum capacity utilization for the Greatest ROI in healthcare facilities with big data demands that require 24/7 availability.

Panduit provides the broadest end-to-end High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) copper and fiber solutions that offer maximum flexibility and control in the design, layout and deployment of data centers.



Panduit's Break-Away Adapter for Healthcare Applications


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