Learn How to Build the Infrastructure

for Your Healthcare Facility

Structured cabling acts as the nervous system for your network… …delivering data from the brain of the network to all of the ancillary locations and back.

Fast and efficient data collection, storage, transmission, and evaluation make it possible to deliver effective patient care in an industry where time is money and can also mean a matter of life and death.

Healthcare providers are being pressured to improve the quality of healthcare while drastically reducing their costs. In response, we see a higher adoption of electronic medical records, wireless wearable medical devices, and telemedicine. With this increased adoption of technology, the number of users requiring network access to manage patient records, monitor clinical applications and communicate with patients and colleagues around the world is increasing, stressing current networks and challenging future network design. Learn how to help your network adapt to future challenges in Panduit's Infrastructure for Healthcare Technology guide. 

Improve Patient Care, Reduce Costs, and more with Today's Medical Technology

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