Learn How to Improve Physical Infrastructure for Technology-Advanced Surgical Care

Operating rooms are the heart of a hospital. When designed to accommodate the latest technology, they help organizations to recruit top-notch surgeons and attract new patients while improving hospital capacity, patient outcomes, effciency, and productivity.

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Operating room procedures are also some of the most profitable for hospitals. Their upfront cost may be high, but ORs can contribute up to 60% of a hospital’s revenue, when out tted with advanced technologies.

These spaces are more wired than ever before. Featuring integrated systems such as patient monitoring, imaging, medical record retrieval, and audio/video streaming and recording equipment, they demand robust, high-performance cabling to support the most advanced procedures and medical technology. From on-demand patient record retrieval to live teleconferencing with specialists around the world, operating rooms rely on the ef cient routing, recording, transmission, and storage of data to give surgical teams the tools they need to provide the best possible care for your patients.

Improve your physical infrastructure for

Technology-Advanced Surgical Care.


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