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Redwood Systems: Highlighted Customers

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Facebook uses Redwood’s building-performance lighting system in both facilities to gain significant energy savings from lighting in the data halls and administrative areas and to lower the overall cost of the power infrastructure using low-voltage cable. The system incorporates Redwood’s high-definition sensor network giving Facebook the ability to monitor and receive alerts on fine-grain temperature fluctuations above and beyond their current sensor network as well as details on occupancy in the facility. 



As part of a comprehensive energy retrofit at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California, they replaced fluorescent lights with LED fixtures powered and controlled by Redwood Systems. SAP saw instant and ongoing energy savings, reduced operational costs, and an improved workplace environment that they use as a showcase to highlight energy efficiency measures with their customers.


 The new Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) conducts visionary advanced research for electronics and electric vehicles, with a focus on battery technology. Due to the significant power demands of a cutting-edge research facility, Volkswagen turned to Redwood Systems’ intelligent lighting control technology to power and control its LEDs. The VW-ERL facility benefits from Redwood Systems’ impactful blend of energy savings and innovative applications such as fine-grain occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and comprehensive dimming and scene control through smartphones.


Google, a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information, installed Redwood's building-performance lighting system in its headquarter's campus in 2010 and expanded to a second building in 2011. 

Johnson Controls


Johnson Controls, a global technology and industrial company with market leadership in building efficiency products and services, has deployed Redwood Systems' building-performance lighting solution in their Milwaukee corporate headquarters.

“The Redwood solution enables us to fully measure and verify energy savings from lighting and works very well for managing performance in an enterprise environment,” said Andrew DeGuire, vice president of strategy, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls. “We are continually working to increase the amount and accuracy of occupancy and sensing data for use in Johnson Controls’ building management platforms. Redwood provides some important pieces to that puzzle.”

Qualcomm Atheros

 Qualcomm Atheros, a semiconductor company for wired and wireless communications technologies, selected Redwood Systems for a renovation of their Executive Briefing Center at their San Jose headquarters.  They were interested in demonstrating green technology and advanced controls as part of a destination area for its most important customers, investors and partners, The installation includes the latest in LED technology coupled with intelligent lighting controls.  By selecting Redwood Systems, Qualcomm Atheros is realizing significant energy savings and will reduce its overall carbon footprint.



Jefferies, a global securities and investment banking group, has a new, state-of-the-art data center and included Redwood Systems to both power and control the LED lighting and provide building intelligence in their facility.

"The Redwood Platform was particularly compelling because of its unique combination of advanced dimming, occupancy-sensing, and fine-grained temperature sensing”, said Carlos Hanco, Global Head, Critical Systems Infrastructure, Jefferies.  “Having all of these capabilities in one system provides a low-cost way to both save energy, and monitor, measure, and report on our data center space.”

Fenwick & West

Fenwick & West, a national law firm specializing in life sciences and technology, has deployed Redwood Systems in their Tier III LEED Platinum data center.  Fenwick has experienced energy savings from lighting of 90% since installing Redwood and achieved a PUE under 1.2.  Redwood is also present in conference rooms in the main office area and is integrated with a third-party conference room AV system.

Equity Office

Redwood Systems new upgrade provides Equity Office with a comprehensive lighting control solution that not only reduces unnecessary electricity use, but also increases building value by making it more attractive to prospective tenants. Features such as alerts, light level reporting, and real-time remote monitoring of fixture status allow Equity Office to reduce maintenance costs by diagnosing many performance issues remotely, saving on-site maintenance visits to properties. 

Applied Material

This technology leader and provider to the LED market selected Redwood Systems to support their commitment to environmentally sustainable operations.  Their centralized dashboard includes a custom-developed feature that tracks energy consumption versus standard fluorescents and provides Applied Materials with unprecedented metrics and control over their systems.


Xavier College Preparatory is an all-girls Catholic high school in Phoenix, Arizona. The school strives to provide a world-class educational environment for its students. As part of that, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix and Xavier College Preparatory have selected Redwood Systems for its network based LED lighting control system for its new 86,000 square feet Founder’s Hall building that houses classrooms and auditoriums. The system provides power and control for highly efficient LED fixtures supplied by MaxLite. These LED lights provide a full spectrum of light that is closer to that of the sun, resulting in a more natural lighting environment for students to learn in. Redwood was selected to reduce the school’s energy bill and CO2 footprint in the most efficient way.

City of San Jose

The City of San Jose is using Redwood to control lighting and save energy across more than 10,000 square feet in its Facility Operations Administrative Building.  San Jose chose Redwood as part of a move to make the city more energy efficient as well as showcase technology innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley.