Established in 1903 and headquartered in Connecticut, USA, Siemon delivers over a century of innovation focused on helping network professionals deploy high quality, high performance cabling infrastructure. From the core products contractors need every day, to cutting edge data center ecosystems of the future, Siemon’s comprehensive suite of end-to-end copper and optical fiber cabling systems, cabinets, racks and cable management solutions has the network professional covered.


Shielded Cabling- The Best Option for Today’s Healthcare Facilities

With the release of the TIA's Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard (TIA-1179), we have Standards-based requirements for IT infrastructure in healthcare facilities - including cabling media, cabling topologies, cabling distances, pathways, and spaces. Intended to support a wide range of clinical and non-clinical systems over an IP-based infrastructure, the standard allows IT pros to leverage significant developments in the area of digital medical technologies, electronic records, and growing IP convergence - all of which are better supported using shielded cabling technology.  

Medical professionals cannot afford the time associated with waiting for large image files to move across the network, especially when lives are on the line. 

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Lightstack: High Density Plug and Play System


Siemon’s LightStack end-to-end fiber system combines superior performance and density with unmatched accessibility in a sleek, modern enclosure that easily supports today’s advanced data center and storage area network environments, while providing fast, seamless migration to advanced 40 and 100 gigabit applications. Click here for more information on the revolutionary LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber System.


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