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TE Connectivity is one of the world's largest suppliers of infrastructure components and systems for the telecommunications market. TE products include connectors, above and below-ground enclosures, heat shrink sleeves, cable accessories, surge arrestors, fiber optic cabling, copper cabling and racks for copper and fiber networks. TE Connectivity and Accu-Tech can help you create the data center infrastructure to meet your present and future needs. 

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Techcon HANGout Sessions - Available Now

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Earlier this month, we opened our digital doors to TEchCon 2014 - a celebration and gathering of some of TE's most brilliant minds - by hosting a series of Google Hangouts with TE thought leaders. These sessions took us on a tour of the future of the connected world - from IoT to wearables, sensors, and more.

Recordings of these seessions are available now on YouTube. Hear what our experts have to say. 

> Internet of Things: Rob Shaddock, SVP & CTO, TE Connectivity. Let's go

  • "An IoT-connected life means interacting with machines around us in a seamless and straightforward way." - Rob

Antennas in Wearables: Bruce Bishop, Fellow, Product Development Engineering, Corporate Technology at TE Connectivity. Let's go

  • "We love to hear about our customers problems so we can come up with a better solution." - Bruce

> Sensors in Automotive: Marcus Schulte, Director, Product Development Engineering, TE Transportation Solutions. Let's go

  • "Self-driving cars are something that will come to market because of sensors." - Marcus

> Materials Science: Jim Toth, Sr. Director, Engineering, Corporate Technology at TE Connectivity. Let's go

  • "The Materials Science group works across business units, from energy and distribution networks to wearables and the use of novel polymers."- Jim

> Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing: Roberto Lu, VP, Technology, Corporate Technology at TE Connectivity. Let's go

  • "Our challenge is to create products that are faster and more precise." - Roberto

Visit everyconnectioncounts.com to learn more. 


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See how TE connectivity is connecting with engineers to help bring their innovative ideas to life. Learn more about the program today. 

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