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TE Connectivity is one of the world's largest suppliers of infrastructure components and systems for the telecommunications market. TE products include connectors, above and below-ground enclosures, heat shrink sleeves, cable accessories, surge arrestors, fiber optic cabling, copper cabling and racks for copper and fiber networks. TE Connectivity and Accu-Tech can help you create the data center infrastructure to meet your present and future needs. 

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TE Connectivity Data Center Solutions

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Today’s data centers are the networked hub of the connected enterprise. Design, operation, optimization and planning for future growth, all influence the challenges brought by the constant demand for increased processing power and bandwidth support for 10/Gbs + apps. Rising energy costs, the need to save space and re-use existing technologies only adds to the complexity of modern data centers. TE Connectivity can help you optimize your data center with environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solutions to meet the performance, power, communications, thermal and mechanical challenges of your data center environment. Whether you’re building a new data center or revitalizing your existing network, we can help you achieve your performance, financial and environmental objectives.

TE Connectivity's MRJ21 Ultra Slim Gigabyte Ethernet cabling system enables 25% less power per port and occupies 60% less rack space than comparable four-pair cabling. And with our MPO line of high-performance fiber optic cabling and our AMP Hi-D, you get a smart integral cable management system. With TE Connectivity's AMP NETCONNECT, you get high density data center solutions that maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance.


The Horizontal Distribution Area

The horizontal distribution area (HDA) can be one of the largest areas of your facility. A proper cable management system is paramount throughout the data center, and that goes for the HDA as well. The HDA manages the switching and cross connection functions between servers and racks and between storage racks located in the equipment area. TE solutions for the horizontal distribution area save time, space and money thorough innovative connector technology and cable management. TE Connectivity products for the HDA include UCP's, copper and fiber patch panels, and more. 



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