RapidRun® from Legrand®: Designed to Evolve


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The Most Complete Audio/Video Cabling System

RapidRun® from Legrand® is built to save you installation time and reduce the likelihood of return service calls due to faulty terminations. With RapidRun, you won't need to buy and install multiple cables, saving you time and money when installing the infrastructure to support projector systems, interactive whiteboards, digital signage systems or AV systems. 

Legrand has created the RapidRun Guide to help you familiarize yourself with the RapidRun system, both multi-format and optical. With this guide, you can explore how RapidRun provides ease of use, flexibility and superior signal transfer rates, and discover which version is right for you. 

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The newest iteration, RapidRun Optical is the leanest-longest, fastest-strongest modular cabling solution on the planet: 

  • Leanest: Ultra-thin, ultra-flexible with 5mm bend radius
  • Longest: Capable of very long distance (up to 1000ft) 
  • Fastest: High bandwidth (18Gbps)
    • Very high video resolution (4x2K, 1080p, 3D HDMI and beyond) 
  • Strongest: Modular design to easily run through walls and conduit
    • All fiber cable = no EMI issues
    • Low power consumption: USB power means no AC outlet needed


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