Legrand's Telco Room Product Application Guide

Mighty Mo 20 is a complete cable management solution designed to complement the entire Legrand product offering. The Mighty Mo 20 creates a physical infrastructure that maximizes performance, while allowing for infinite cable routing schemes. No two networks are the same, and Mighty Mo 20, with its long list of accessories, can enable countless configurations for equipment and cable pathways. 

Legrand has created the Telco Room Product Application Guide to help you familiarize yourself with Telco room cable management solutions. With this guide, you can explore how the Mighty Mo 20 can help you maximize performance.   

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Mighty Mo 20 has been designed with four major physical infrastructure guidelines: 

  • Speed of assembly: channel racks allow for single person build
  • Efficiency of cable management: ensuring proper cable support and bend radius
  • Performance of the network: stabilizing cable destinations
  • Flexibility: build unlimited cable pathways through the system

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