Increase in E-Rate Funding for Wi-Fi in Schools


Increase in E-Rate Funding for Wi-Fi in Schools
While many school systems understand the need to upgrade their wireless networks, they are often held back by a lack of funding.  With the recent dramatic increase in E-Rate funding for Wi-Fi in schools, more schools and libraries have the opportunity to implement new networks. 
By emphasising robust, flexible, and mission-critical networks, school systems have the opportunity to engage and educate students through technology. School systems will challenge contractors and integrators to provide them with reliable networks that offer Wi-Fi coverage throughout their campuses. 

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Learn About the Changes to E-Rate Funding:

  • The Increase in Funding
  • Percentage Expected to go to Access Points
  • Percentage Expected to go to Wi-Fi Infrastructure


Opportunities to Provide Professional Wi-Fi Installations:

  • Economical Solutions for the Classroom 
  • Right Angle Wall Brackets for Larger Areas
  • Kits Designed Specifically for Schools
  • Solutions for Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor 
  • Facilities Requiring Secure and Locking Systems