The Telehealth Revolution

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Healthcare distributed infrastructure was forced to adapt with increased digitalization and adoption of remote work, spiking telehealth services. This spike is expected to translate into sustained long-term growth for telehealth services, putting additional stress on IT infrastructure. Outdated critical power infrastructure can expose the network to unexpected downtime and frequent maintenance challenges. In this webinar, the first in the series, we’ll review how digitalization and telehealth are impacting network closets and present best practices for sizing, configuring and monitoring critical power systems within the hospital and across extended delivery networks. The webinar will highlight the experience of one hospital system in addressing power challenges and also cover the following topics:
  • The anticipated impact of telehealth on distributed infrastructure
  • Ensuring power protection is matched to equipment capacity and criticality requirements
  • Choosing between Lithium Ion and VRLA batteries
  • Sizing the UPS system and determining battery runtimes
  • Strategies for enabling remote monitoring of critical power systems

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