Commercial-grade CCTV Monitors available at Accu-Tech

Posted by Nick Ainsworth

Apr 11, 2011 12:56:00 PM

ViewZ MonitorsBy choosing to use ViewZ (Anaheim, CA) “commercial grade” CCTV monitors you are selecting the appropriate monitor for critical CCTV applications.  Consumer grade monitors (often purchased at big box stores) are not built to deliver the performance many CCTV applications require.  This is because commercial-grade monitors use A-grade TFT LCD panels which have the brightest and most uniform backlights, widest viewing angles, and least amount of physical defects.  These panels deliver superior image quality over longer periods of time.  So much so that ViewZ monitors carry a 3 year warranty.

Only a handful of companies worldwide manufacture their own commercial-grade monitors.  ViewZ (formerly Orion Technologies), is one of them.  This allows them to control product design, quality, logistics, and of course, their costs.  ViewZ offers over 60 CCTV monitors equipped with numerous advanced display technologies such as LED, 120Hz, Touch Screen, Rack Mount, Mega-Pixel Public View and Video Wall. Other advanced features are Auto Image Rotation which prevents burn-in, 3D-Comb Filtering and de-interlacing which reduces analog signal interference, and Auto Power and Source Recovery which allows the monitor to bounce back from power outages without having to be reset.  These are just a few of the advanced features found on ViewZ monitors.

When selecting a ViewZ monitor for your application, it is important to match the aspect ratios of the source and the monitor.  For example:  If your source is digital, a monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio will display the sources full image potential.  On the other hand, 4:3 is best when using analog camera systems.  Mismatched aspect ratios will result in stretched images or cropping.

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