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If you're looking to stay current or get ahead with what's new in our industry, take a look at our comprehensive collection of online CECs. 

CommScope On-Demand CEC Courses 

Corning Online BICSI Trainings

CPI On-Demand CEC Courses 

Leviton Online CEC Courses

These courses provide great education on standards and best practices for low-voltage datacom technicians. These modules offer a certificate of completion from Leviton and are worth 1 BICSI CEC each.

Panduit Online BICSI Training - 1 BICSI ITS CEC

Recorded Webinars and Additional Training

Join Panduit November 4th from 10am-12pm CST for our first online summit. We realize that things have changed NOW and we need to adapt with our technologies and business processes to be ready for what is NEXT. Take a look at what to expect: 

  • Panduit experts provide a perspective of the market – the challenges, opportunities, technologies and solutions that are helping smart businesses succeed
  • Real-world stories from customers and partners – how they did it and what they learned
  • Sneak peek at new Panduit products that will change the game now and beyond

Register here.

In our upcoming webinar, CPI will share insights into the five pillars of a successful edge deployment and describe ways to protect sensitive and expensive equipment located in mission-critical application spaces that have skyrocketed to the front of the line when it comes to essential work and workers.
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AVIXA Online Training
Open to all through June 12th, 2020 

Brother Online Training

Tackling the Job With the Right Tape

Learn about different labeling tape types and applications for specific surfaces and environments

April 23rd
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Eaton Power Training

April 8th

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Panduit Online Training
March 25th
Industrial Networking

Vertiv - Environet Alert Training
March 27th, 2020
2pm EST

Hanwha Techwin will be hosting various web-based classes over the next few weeks designed to further educate the installation staff.

Device Manager 

Recommended pre-requisite for WAVE or XRN/QRN Sessions.

XRN/QRN Recorders

Recommended pre-requisite - Device Manager


Recommended pre-requisite - Device Manager Session

Advanced WAVE & Camera Analytics

Recommended pre-requisite : Device Manager & WAVE Sessions




Arteco will be hosting two webinars in the next few weeks to guide you through Arteco's features and help you improve security and business operations. 

Webinar 1: Keys to Success in Video Analytics
April 8th at 2PM CST 
April 9th at 2PM CST 

  • Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: difference and capabilities in video analytics 
  • Advantages of license plate recognition and face recognition for situational awareness and reducing forensive

Webinar 2: Real-Time Event Management for Video Monitoring
April 15th at 2PM CST
April 16th at 2PM CST

  • The response of Video Event Management stream-line in video monitoring environments
  • The value-add opportunities of tying third party alerts to video verification


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In the near future, more cloud service providers and hyperscale data centers will migrate to 200 and 400 Gb/s to support 50 and 100 Gb/s servers. Active equipment manufacturers like Cisco and Arista Networks have already announced 400 Gb/s switch platforms in response to demand from data center managers.

What is involved in creating the right ecosystem for 400 Gb/s Ethernet? What options do data center designers have? In this webinar on March 17th at 1PM EST, Leviton will answer these questions.

Register today to learn how to prepare for next-generation data center networks.

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