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Join Tom Cabral from CPI on Thursday, May 13th at 2pm EST for the Diagnosing Health Care IT Infrastructure at the Edge webinar.

From advanced, at-home care to remote field facilities and wearable devices that track medical information for those on the go, health care IT professionals are racing to keep up with an Internet of Things (IoT) and Medical Things (IoMT) that’s rapidly elevating and expanding patient care and access. But diagnosing the challenges of bandwidth, privacy, and security that come with this proliferation is no small feat. That’s why Chatsworth Products (CPI) joins Accu-Tech to explore the technologies driving today’s growth and presents solutions that provide the necessary infrastructure power and protection to ensure patient care remains safeguarded, no matter where or how it must be administered.

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Data Center Racks

Corning: What’s Your EDGE at the Edge?

Edge Networking Webinar

Edge networking is a popular topic of discussion these days, and this webinar will go into all of the details - the basics of edge networking, the benefits and how it will change our data center landscape. Corning will talk about the solutions needed to manage edge data centers and what you'll need to consider as the edge gets closer to the end user in more remote locations. Join Corning on April 6th, 2021, at 11am - 12pm EST

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5G and Where nVent Fits in the Telecom Market

Join nVent on March 25, 2021, as they look at how 5G works, how it works in conjunction with the existing 4G network, and how nVent products complement and protect the equipment that is the backbone of the systems. The future of communication, 5G is the latest iteration of the network that carries the packets and signals from one device to another.

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CommScope On-Demand CEC Courses 

CPI On-Demand CEC Courses 

Leviton Online CEC Courses

These courses provide great education on standards and best practices for low-voltage datacom technicians. These modules offer a certificate of completion from Leviton and are worth 1 BICSI CEC each.

Recorded Webinars and Additional Training 

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In the near future, more cloud service providers and hyperscale data centers will migrate to 200 and 400 Gb/s to support 50 and 100 Gb/s servers. Active equipment manufacturers like Cisco and Arista Networks have already announced 400 Gb/s switch platforms in response to demand from data center managers.

What is involved in creating the right ecosystem for 400 Gb/s Ethernet? What options do data center designers have? In this webinar on March 17th at 1PM EST, Leviton will answer these questions.

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