Accu-Tech Services

Increase Efficiency at Every Stage of Your Project

Accu-Tech's complete range of Services enables more effective work, from project planning and logistics to installation and recycling. We reduce your total cost of installation and increase efficiencies, aiding and managing your project from beginning to end. 

Partnering with Accu-Tech reduces risk and helps you avoid wasting valuable resources, enabling you to lower your total cost of installation and yield more profitable projects. 

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Job Site Services

Our job site services offer labor and time savings, helping you manage every step of installation at the job site.


Installation Enhancement

We can pre-configure equipment so it is ready for installation, including camera configurations, DOA checks, firmware upgrades and more.


Solutions for the Job Site

Job site storage options, including low voltage carts, wire pull carts and storage containers make it easy to securely store and manage material.

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Complete Project Services

From material sourcing and logistics to kitting, palletizing and inventory management, Accu-Tech enables you to efficiently manage your project.

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Our Services Offering

Accu-Tech offers a range of Services, from inventory management to product enhancement and beyond, to enable you to work more effectively at your job site, keep your project moving and lower your cost of installation.

Logistics: As projects vary in complexity, staging, kitting, storage and delivery all become critical, and Accu-Tech is dedicated to helping you navigate the logistical challenges you face.

Kitting, Labeling and Pallet Identification: Accu-Tech organizes your material, exactly how you want it. With project kitting, custom labeling, custom shrink wrap, special packaging and more, we make it easy for you to use what you ordered at the job site. 

Material Sourcing: Creative and innovative solutions require industry-leading materials that are ready when you are. From pre-construction planning to last-minute additions, Accu-Tech's extensive nationwide inventory is available to meet your needs, and special stocking options are available upon request.

Installation Enhancement: Accu-Tech offers installation enhancement services, such as device configuration to pre-configure equipment so it's ready for installation, rack build-outs and special kitting, all designed to help you work more efficiently at the job site. 

Job Carts: Accu-Tech's job carts provide secure material storage with maximum mobility and flexibility. From economical storage carts to heavy-duty wire pull carts, Accu-Tech has multiple options to fit the needs of any job site.

Job Site Services: Accu-Tech provides job site labor savings with rack and cabinet build-outs, patch cord bundling, bulk material packaging, on-site storage, special packaging, fully integrated deliveries and more.

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